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Worm is an animal that appeared in "The Trying Game". It was among the animals Steve had to figure out which is Caterpiller's grandmother (Butterfly) along with a dragonfly and a yellow bird.


Worm is chartreuse with a light green face and 3 stripes on its long body. It also has a pair of white eyes with black pupils and a pink smiling mouth.


  • Worm also appeared in "Blue's ABC Time Activities" as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter W). Its body as well as its face and stripes are both a darker green than they were in "The Trying Game".
    • When you click on the worm to get its picture in Safari Snapshots, it stretches in and out.
  • Worm made an appearance in "Blue's 123 Time Activities" as well, as part of Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game (1-4 worms are among any of the animals or insects that can appear in the bush on the lower left corner). These worms are yellow with brown faces and stripes
    • If you click on a worm or move the same number of steps as there are worms in Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game, it wriggles in place.