• This is the last episode to have streamers and balloons from Blue's Birthday.
  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2000.
  • Politically, this was the last episode to air during the era of President Bill Clinton, and Blues Clues was the result of the Children's Television Act passed during his administration.
  • This episode is on the Blue's Room DVD "Shape Detectives."
  • Ian Chandler Sheaffer, one of Steve's Friends in this episode, also plays a character on the popular daytime drama One Life to Live.
  • This episode also appears in online listings as "The Big Bag of Words."
  • This marks the last episode where Sidetable Drawer says "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited".
  • The letter design from Blue's ABCs is used. Coincidentally, both episodes teach reading.
  • The Thinking Time segment music was later used in Dress Up Day.
  • There are no foreign host versions, possibly because the producers of those versions thought it would be too complicated for them to make it.
  • This is the last episode of the 20th century.
  • This episode is available on the 2002 VHS Reading with Blue.
  • This episode's title is a play on the song "Words" by The Monkees.
  • The interment for the first clue was reused in Dress Up Day


  • Jennifer Michelle Brown is credited as Jennifer Brown.
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