Blue's Clues Wiki
  • The music clip from the closing credits is heard from Blue's Big Musical.
  • The dream versions of Paprika and Slippery Soap appear in the closing credits.
  • In the skidoo segment, Blue and Steve help Sleeping Beauty change some scary objects in her dream; they change a monster into a cake, three trees into balloons and pointy fence posts into party hats.
  • This was the ninth episode to use the usual "No It's a clue" line from Adventures in Art.
  • This episode is available as the second of two episodes on the VHS release of Blue's Big Pajama Party.
  • Dreamcatchers are an ancient Native American custom featured in the Video Letter segment.
  • After Steve sings The So Long Song, you can hear him pretend to be a gymnastics sportscaster as the door closes and Blue waves goodbye to the viewers.
  • In this episode, Blue howls out the last "Mail" in a really high note in which Steve/Kevin/Duarte/HyunShup Shin's voice appears to be in a slightly lower volume than usual.
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Mailbox says that he had a dream about giving Steve a letter and it came true.
  • In the Durate version, the Mailtime Song footage was almost the same as in Blue Wants to Play a Song Game.
  • There were two versions in the Mailtime Segment.
    • The first version (as shown on TV) has the friends making the dream catchers outside, while the second version (as shown on the VHS) has them making them in a dark bedroom.
    • The second version of the video letter does not begin with "Hi Steve" and does not end with "Bye Steve". But the first version did this. The first one was directed by Tanya Hamilton, and the second version was directed by Sarah Chumsky.
  • In Steve's dream, he played his guitar in front of a crowd, which presumably foreshadowed the music career he started after leaving the series.
  • In airing order, the previous episode was Blue's Birthday and in that episode Steve had shorter hair, but in this episode, Steve got his longer hair back.
  • Also in airing order, this was the last season two episode to have Steve give out a wrong answer.
  • This is one of few episodes to have an alternate recording of the Thinking Chair music with drums. The others are What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?, What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?, What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?, Blue Is Frustrated, What Is Blue Trying to Do?, Occupations, Steve Goes to College, Blue's Big Car Trip, and Look Carefully...
  • During the So Long Song, the viewers only sang "We Can Do Anything, That We Want To Do" once.
  • In this episode, Steve does not say, "Bye bye! See you later!".