What Story Does Blue Want to Play?

MAIL!! 14

Season 1, Episode 20 (20 overall)
Tuesday, June 9, 1998 (direct-to-video)
Friday, October 9, 1998 (US television)
Friday, July 3, 1998 (UK)
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Blue's Birthday (Release Order)
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What Is Blue Afraid Of? (UK Broadcast/Production Order)
Storybook Forest
1. A Bowl
2. A Chair
3. A Bear
Wrong Answer
A bear that put a bowl on top of a chair
Right Answer
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

What Story Does Blue Want to Play? is the twentieth episode of Blue's Clues from the First Season. For an unknown reason, it aired on October 9, 1998 and was released on video four months earlier while the other five late Season 1 episodes aired in October of 1997. It was the sixteenth episode to be produced, the 27th to be released, and the 30th to be aired.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue play Blue's Clues to figure out what story they should play out. Along the way, they help classic storybook characters find their way back to their storybooks and help a bunny with her story by playing that story's characters


Steve and Blue have been putting on plays based on stories from books. We also take a look at all sorts of different stories. When Blue knocks some books out of bookshelf, we take the time to put them back on the shelf and also help some lost characters get back to the proper storybooks that they belong in. Later, we skidoo to Storybook Forest, where we help out Bunny to make a play with us and Steve is the star. Blue wants to play Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Steve is Papa Bear, Rabbit is Mama Bear, Tickety is Baby Bear and Blue is Goldilocks.

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