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"What Does Blue Want To Make?" is the 15th episode of Blue's Clues from the first season. It was the 17th episode aired in the United States.


Steve and Blue are making lots of crafts.


  • Question: What Does Blue Want to Make?
  • Clues
    • 1. Yarn (Wool in the UK)
    • 2. Two Buttons
    • 3. A Sock
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A sock puppet
  • Wrong Answer: Blue wants to button up her sock with yarn
  • Living room picture: Bakery (Skidoo location)
  • Felt frame picture: Felt Friends wearing newspaper hats
  • Refrigerator: Ice Cream Cone, Sailboat & Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper picture


Video Releases


Steve and Blue invite the viewers into the Blue's Clues house. They were making newspaper hats. Blue wanted to make something else. They play a game of Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to make. Steve gets his notebook from Sidetable Drawer and then he starts looking for the three clues. He found a very long strand of yarn and followed it to the kitchen table, where he sees a paw print at the end of the yarn line, meaning that the first clue is yarn. Steve and Blue then help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper with a macaroni picture frame with a pattern sequence. Mailbox then came to deliver the mail. In the Video Letter segment, some kids were making newspaper hats too (Steve and Blue did that earlier). After that, Steve found the second clue on some buttons. Next, Steve helped the Felt Friends figure out what their masterpieces are. Afterward, he and Blue Skidoo into the bakery to help out Bowl and Spatula make Banana Cake. They gather the right ingredients to make banana cake. After that, Steve tried to skidoo back home and slips on a red sock (which was among the ingredients earlier) revealing a paw print on it. Steve then sees that the sock is the third clue and draws it in his notebook. Now Steve had to skidoo back home to put all the clues together. The clues were yarn, buttons, and a sock. Steve thought Blue wanted to button up the sock with yarn. But the answer was making a sock puppet. They make sock puppets by the craft table. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper come by with their sock puppet, Steve sees that the Felt Friends are making a masterpiece of the sock puppet, and Bowl and Spatula arrive with the finished banana cake. After that, Steve and the sock puppet sing the So Long Song and the episode ends.



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This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.



  • In the Pistas Da Blue version, when Duarte says "Entender o que devemos fazer," his face looks like he is angry.
  • When Steve says "We just got a letter", a boom mic is seen.
    • This also happens when Steve gets his notebook from Sidetable Drawer.
  • When Steve follows the yarn, there is another glitch where Steve appears to be walking outside the background of the kitchen.
  • When Steve says "it smells like, bananas." the last glitch is shown where his legs were cut off.
  • The OST is different for this episode.
  • During the Mailtime segment, part of the left side of the thinking chair is also cut off.
  • In the bakery, when Steve says "Uh," there is a slight echo.
  • In the Pistas da Blue version, Mailbox's newspaper hat looks a little green.
  • When Steve sits down to help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper with their macaroni picture frame, there is a black stripe on the bottom of the screen, and his legs appear to be in front of the strip.


  • Mailbox: Mail's here, Mail's here. I will bring it in, Mailbox.
  • Steve: Hey, Mailbox, did... Did Blue make a hat for you?
  • (Blue nods her head yes)
  • Mailbox: Yep, I got a letter for you.
  • Steve: A Letter? For us? (getting a letter out of your mailbox) Thanks Mailbox.
  • Mailbox: You're welcome.
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