What Does Blue Want to Build? is the second episode of Blue's Clues from Season 2. It was the twenty first episode to be aired and the twenty second to be produced.



  • Question: What does Blue want to build?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Flashlight
    • 2. A Sheet
    • 3. A Table
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A tent
  • Incorrect Answer: Put the flashlight in the sheet and do a flashlight dance on the table
  • Skidoo location: Picture on a can
  • Living room picture: A fox building with blocks


Steve and Blue are building things without the use of hardware tools.


Steve and Blue have been building some things. We find some popsicle sticks assembling themselves in various shapes and try to figure out what they are creating. We help out Shovel and Pail, First to measure their sand castles and see which is taller and then to even them up. Later we help a friend named Tink who was flung out of her contraption world to get back to where she belongs.


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What Does Blue Want To Build?

What Does Blue Want To Build?


  • Blue's vocals for the Play Blue's Clues song are re-recorded.
  • This is one of the most popular Blue's Clues episodes.
  • This is one of the few episodes that the notebook did not initially comes with a crayon.
  • Michael T. Smith is credited as Michael Smith and Ryan Rodriquez is credited as Ryan Rodriguez.
  • In the Mail time Segment, Mailbox has created some sort of contraption to open himself up, but it doesn't seem to be working right. Steve decides to use his own letter-getter-outer contraption to get the letter.
  • This is the first episode since The Trying Game that the phrase "You know, I can tell I'm really gonna need your help today trying to figure out (insert question here)" is used.
  • This is the 1st episode where Sidetable appears more then once.
    • When Steve went over to her the first time, she said her catchphrase "Blue's Clues! I'm so excited!", but in a different tone of voice.
  • This episode reveals that Snack Table (the table in the living room) is capable of moving on its own as it managed to avoid getting spotted by Steve as the third clue (a table). This is the only time it was shown to move.
  • The contraptions Steve made to remove the paw print is made out of a paper towel roll and an animal cracker box.
    • The animal cracker box resembles the one for "Barnum's Animal Crackers".
  • Even though the second clue was spotted in the bedroom, it was drawn outside.
  • This is the first time where the second clue is drawn outdoors outside of skidoo segments after finding the first clue in the living room.


  • The official Nick Jr. summary for this episode refers to the character Tink as being boy, but Tink is said in the episode itself to be girl.
  • In the Portugal version, after Duarte draws the third clue, the pawprint is still seen on the Snack Table.
    • Also, when Duarte gets to Sidetable and finds a flashlight (the first clue), Sidetable's late Season 2-6 design is used. This also happens in the UK Kevin version.
  • Steve and Blue's vocals for the Mailtime song are slightly delayed in this episode.
    • This also happens with Steve during the middle to end of the So Long Song.

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