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"What Does Blue Want to Build?" is the second episode of Blue's Clues from the second season. It was the twenty-first episode to be aired and the twenty-second to be produced.



  • Question: What does Blue want to build?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A flashlight
    • 2. A sheet
    • 3. A table
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A tent
  • Wrong Answer: Put the flashlight in the sheet and do a little flashlight dance on the table
  • Skidoo location: Picture on a can
  • Living room picture: A fox building with blocks


Steve and Blue are building things without the use of hardware tools.


Steve and Blue have been building some things. Steve and Blue built a contraption with domino’s. Steve wondered if the ball would make the bell ring and it did. Steve wanted to build another but Blue wanted to build something else. Steve plays Blue’s Clues. To get rid of the paw print, he used a paper towel roll and an animal cracker box to make a Paw Print Scraper Upper De-paw print-capationing device. Then he cleaned the paw print off and got his notebook. After singing We Are Gonna Play Blue’s Clues, Sidetable Drawer called out to Steve and asked if he was forgetting something. Steve figured he wasn’t since he had his tool belt, Notebook, notebook paper and his hands but the Viewer saw the crayon wasn’t in the spiral. Steve went back to Sidetable Drawer to get the crayon. Instead he got a flashlight, which had the first clue. Steve drew the flashlight in his notebook but used the flashlight instead. Then he used his crayon, for real, to draw the flashlight. Steve didn’t know what Blue wanted to build with a flashlight. He thanked Sidetable Drawer and then went to the right to find more clues and to follow Blue. We find some popsicle sticks assembling themselves in various shapes and try to figure out what they are creating. The Popsicle Sticks were building. They built a ladder, an umbrella, and a truck. Then Steve heard Tickety Tock. Before he left, Steve said, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. See you later, Popsicle Sticks,” and went to Tickety Tock, who said, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5… uh,” the Viewer helped her out and said, “6.” Then Tickety continued and said, “6, 7, 8, 9. Look outside on the clothesline,”. Then Steve saw the second clue on a sheet. He drew it in the notebook. The first and second clue was a flashlight and a sheet but still Steve doesn’t know what Blue wants to build. We help out Shovel and Pail. First to measure their sandcastles and see which is taller, which is Shovel’s, and then to even them up. It was Mail time. Mailbox made a Mailbox Opener Upper Carrier Contraption and Steve had a Letter Getter Outer Contraption. Steve then sings We Just Got a Letter. Later we help a friend named Tink who was flung out of her contraption world to get back to where she belongs. In Tink’s contraption, she got help from Steve and Blue. The Contraption was big and Tink’s friend was below. They arrived to a big hole with a net. Tink thinks they should jump but Steve said it was too far. The Viewer said they should swing across. Steve saw a rope. So together, Steve, Blue, and Tink swung across the rope and made it to the other side. They then went down an elevator. Tink said that they have to go to the left. Then they arrived at another hole. Steve wondered what they have to do. The Viewer said they have to turn the wheel. Tink’s arms were too short too reach. Steve figured he can build something but before he could, Blue got a triangle stick and turned the wheel. Then they walked across the wheel like a bridge and went down another elevator. Then they saw the flinger below. Steve wondered what they should do now. The Viewer said they should push it down. Steve then said that if they push one end of the flinger down, the other end will go up. They needed something heavy. Blue then had two heavy squares stacked up and it was heavy enough to push down the flinger like a scale. Steve, Blue, and Tink went onto the flinger and it got more heavy than the other side and went down. Tink and her friend were soon reunited and they flung Steve and Blue out. As Steve walked along, the Viewer found the third clue on the snack table. Steve then tried to look but the table moved by itself, and again, and Steve looked and not looked a few times and then caught the table red handed. He then drew the table in his notebook. Then it was time to go to the Thinking Chair. The 3 clues were a flashlight, a sheet, and a table. Steve thought Blue wanted to put the flashlight in the sheet and do a little flashlight dance on the table. But that was not it. Steve then figured that Blue can put the sheet over the table take the flashlight and go under. The answer was a tent. Blue wanted to build a tent by putting the sheet over the table and take the flashlight and crawl under because it’s dark under there. Steve then sang We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues and Blue put the sheet on the table with Sidetable Drawer, who had the flashlight. Then the Popsicle Sticks arrived and built a tent too. Then Shovel and Pail arrived and they were both even. Then Tink arrived and wondered if there were any flingers but luckily there weren’t any. Steve then sings the So Long Song and the episode ends.


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  • Steve's Friends include Ryan Rodriguez, a relative of future friend of Steve, Chelsea Rodriguez.
  • Blue's vocals for the theme song are re-recorded.
  • This is one of the few episodes that the notebook did not initially come with a crayon.
  • In the Mail time Segment, Mailbox has created some sort of contraption to open himself up, but it doesn't seem to be working right. Steve decides to use his letter-getter-outer contraption to get the letter.
  • This is the first episode since The Trying Game that the phrase "You know, I can tell I'm really gonna need your help today trying to figure out (insert question here)" is used.
  • This is also the first episode of Season 2 where the kids do not sing along on how to play “Blue’s Clues” and the second episode of the whole series not to do it. The first one was Blue's News, the final episode of Season 1.
    • Starting with this episode, it was put to almost permanent use until Blue's Birthday, which was the final episode of the whole series to have the viewers sing the theme song.
  • This is the first episode where Sidetable appears more than once.
    • When Steve went over to her the first time, she said her catchphrase "Blue's Clues! I'm so excited!", but in a different tone of voice.
  • This episode reveals that Snack Table (the table in the living room) is capable of moving on its own as it managed to avoid getting spotted by Steve as the third clue (a table). This is the only time it was shown to move.
  • The contraptions Steve made to remove the paw print is made out of a paper towel roll and an animal cracker box.
    • The animal cracker box resembles the one for "Barnum's Animal Crackers."
  • Even though the second clue was spotted in the bedroom, it was drawn outside.
  • This is the first time where the second clue is drawn outdoors outside of Skidoo segments after finding the first clue in the living room.
  • This is the only episode where Steve and Blue skidoo out of the skidoo location without doing the usual pre-skidoo movements. When Tink and her friend jumped on to the seat of the seesaw that had blocks, Blue and Steve were flung right to the exit.
  • When Face introduced this episode when it originally aired, he briefly mentions Steve, which makes fans wonder how Face knows of Steve.
    • Face asked the viewer(s), "Can you help Steve find out?".


  • The official Nick Jr. summary for this episode refers to the character Tink as being a boy, but Tink is said in the episode itself to be a girl.
  • In the Portugal version, after Duarte draws the third clue, the pawprint is still seen on the Snack Table.
    • Also, when Duarte gets to Sidetable and finds a flashlight (the first clue), Sidetable's late Season 2-6 design is used. This also happens in the UK Kevin version.
  • Steve and Blue's vocals for the Mailtime song are slightly delayed in this episode.
    • This also happens with Steve during the middle to end of the So Long Song.
  • After Steve draws the first clue, a part of his head is sticking outside the background.
  • Whenever Pail hops, when we first see her and Shovel, the middle of her handle is cut off a bit.
  • Shortly after Steve says "What should we do now?" a boom mic can be seen on the top of the screen a bit.
  • When Steve find the first clue, the captions misspell "clue" as "cue".

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