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What Does Blue Want To Play? is the second segment of Blue's Birthday Adventure. It is on the red disc alongside the previous segment. It is succeeded by the segment on the yellow disc.


(based on how they are listed in thinking time, can be found in any order)

  1. A Map
    • Location: Bathroom
    • How to find: Slippery needs something to paddle with to make his boat move. Go to the living room where Magenta is and click on the blue juice pop 3 times. Blue will start eating it with each click until only the stick is left. Click on the juice pop stick to add it to the inventory and return to the bathroom. Give it to Slippery and he'll reveal the map. All that's left is to click on it.
    • How to draw the clue: "The map is made with curvy shapes, with an X on it that marks the spot."
  2. A Chest
    • Location: Birthdayland
    • How to find: The presents need to unlock their toy chest. In easy mode the keys are located on the tree near the chest in Birthdayland, on other modes they are on the bulletin board in the kitchen where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are at. Grab the key that is the same shape as the lock (circle, square, or triangle; the shape is different in different files and difficulty changes), then try the key on the lock on the chest. After playing the Party Toys activity, just click on the chest.
    • How to draw the clue: The chest looks like this, with bows for latches here, and here."
  3. Gold
    • Location: Outside near the Sandbox
    • How to find: Click on the X in the sandbox so Shovel and Pail can dig up the gold, then click on the gold.
    • How to draw the clue: "This gold looks like a few circles stacked together, like this, and this."

 Answer Choices[]

  • A Treasure Hunt (correct answer)
  • Play Dress-Up
  • Musical Chairs


  • Question: What game Blue wants to play at her party?
  • Clues:
    • Map
    • Chest
    • Gold
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Treasure Hunt
  • Skidoo location: Birthday Land
  • Living Room picture frame: Baseball and a bat.
  • Felt frame picture: Felt friends wearing birthday hats with notes (same thing).

Noisemaker Locations[]



  • The map is the same as the one from "Blue's News".
  • Regardless of what shape the lock on the chest was, the chest in the Treasure Hunt game will always have a triangle lock.


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Let's Play Blue's Birthday Adventure Red Disc Part 2

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