Blue's Clues Wiki

Steve: We'll have a great day too-hoo! Everybody-- Oh, Hi. Heh. You're here.

(Blue barking hi, everyone)

Steve: Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are making Blue's Birthday Cake. Hey, Blue, do you wa-- Oh, she's in the kitchen

(Steve walks to the kitchen)

Steve: Hey, everybody. Can't wait for that cake. Hey, Birthday Girl Blue. Looking for a little cake at your party.

Mrs. Pepper: Not just any cake, Blue's Special, Blueberry Birthday Cake.

(Blue barking)

Steve: Ooh, Hey, Blue What else do you want to eat at your party?

Steve: Oh, This clue, is a tomato, Now what do we do? Right. Our... Notebook. I'll need your help to draw the clue. Can you make the picture of a clue by using these shapes? That's the spot. Yeah. Look at that?! Those shapes go together to make the clue. You are good. A Tomato is a circle shape, with a little stem here.