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  • This episode could be considered as an April Fools episode despite airing in October 2000.
  • This is the third time that Steve juggles.
  • This is the ninth time Steve wears his tan shoes.
  • This was not the last time Steve wore his tan shoes, because he wore his tan shoes one more time in "Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza".
  • This is the last time the "Play Blue's Clues" footage from Art Appreciation was used (It was a modified version).
  • This was the only time all three clues are the same.
    • They were three balls.
  • In the UK version, after the Mailtime song, Kevin laughs and says "Watch this!". But in the US version, Steve just looks at the viewer and smiles.
  • Some scenes on Pistas da Blue version that Duarte's hair from Season 2-Early Season 3 is almost used.
  • This episode was later remade in Blue's Clues & You, as titled Laugh with Blue.
  • When the kids say "Bye, Steve!", a silly sound follows the end of the "We Are Looking For Blue's Clues" melody, but Blue barking does not.
  • This is the only time Blue closed the letter, and not Steve.
  • At the end of the episode, one of the balls was not really a ball, it was a nectarine, which was just like a ball so Steve could eat it.
  • In Pistas da Blue version, After the sock puppet picks up the notebook, The viewers phrase Bloco! plays late. And during the mailtime segment the letter is upside down.
  • At the end of this episode, the Nick Jr. Productions logo music begins when the series title fade to black, and as a result, the logo's visual is out of sync