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What's Blue Building? was a coloring book that was published ny Golden Books in 2003. It Had two stories In one book - "Blue's Friendship Day" and "What's Blue Building." This entry is about the latter story.

Characters Present[]


  • Question: What does Blue want to build?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Window
    • 2. A Door
    • 3. A Box
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A Box Fort



  • Everyone Was Building Lots Of Great Things Today, Periwinkle And Blue Built A House Out Of Cards. Joe Epically Made A Paper Airplane, Joe Asked Blue What Does She Want To Build. Joe Plays Blue's Clues To Figure Out What Does Blue Wants To Build. Green Puppy Was Building Towers With Her Blocks, The Reader Had To Help Green Puppy Finish Her Towers By Continuing The Patterns, The Reader Had To Draw In The Dashed Outlines To Build Green Puppy's Block Towers. Periwinkle Was Building His Most Peri-Perfect Train Ever. The Reader Had To Help Periwinkle Find The Last Button For His Train. Magenta Even Built A Pillow Fort, And There Was A Clue On The Window.The Reader Had To Draw The First Clue In Joe's Handy Dandy Notebook. Purple Kangaroo Needed Help, He Need's The Readers Help Finishing Building His Kite By Drawing In The Four Sides. The Felt Friends Were Building A Sailboat They Also Needed The Readers Help Building A Bicycle By Finishing The Picture. At The Kitchen Orange Kitten Was With Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper And She Was Building Something Out Of Marshmallows And Straws The Reader Had To Connect The Marshmallows To See What Orange Kitten Is Building. (In Which Case It Was A Car). Outside In The Backyard Shovel And Pail We're At The Sand Table, Building A Sand Castle, At The Front Yard Where The Blue's Clues House Is. Joe Had Built A Bird Feeder For The Birds. The Readers Needed To Circle The Birds If They See Any Birds. And At The Front Door Where Joe And Blue Lives, There Was A Pawprint On The Front Door, Meaning That A Door Is The 2nd Clue. The Reader Had To Draw The Second Clue In Joe's Handy Dandy Notebook. Blue Was Looking Up At The Tree Branch Seeing That Bird Building A Nest. Then This Spider Was Building A Web The Reader Had To Help The Spider Finish The Web By Drawing More Lines, Then Joe Was Building A City Out Of Rocks. The Reader Had To Draw Another Building For Joe's Rock City, Then At The Tree Where There Were 2 Tire Swings, Blue Was On The Left Tire Swing And Joe Said "Lets Build Another Swing!" Then Periwinkle Made A Present For Joe, Inside Was A Model Spaceship That Periwinkle Built. And On The Box It Had A Pawprint Meaning That This Box Is The 3rd Clue The Reader Had To Draw The Third Clue In Joe's Handy Dandy Notebook. Then It Was Time To Go To The Thinking Chair. The 3 Clues Were A Window A Door, And A Box. The Answer Was A Box Fort, Then All Of Blue's Friends Helped Blue Build A Fort For Everyone To Play In, Once It Was Done Purple Kangaroo And Blue Saw The Fort They've Built And It Had A Message Saying "Our Fort"