We Appreciate You is a song from a Season 4 episode "Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day".

This song is in the key of F# major.


Steve: We appreciate you!

Tickey and Slippery: We appreciate you!

All: And all the things you do!

Tickety: You help me get ready.

Tickety and Slippery: Yeah, yeah!

Slippery: And you make me spaghetti.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Sing us funny tunes.

Tickety and Slippery: Yeah, yeah!

Steve: And you're having a baby soon.

Paprika: Mom likes to swim and Daddy likes plants.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: We both like singing and we're both from France.

All: You make us feel special, you make us feel grand. You're the two nicest spices in the whole land. We appreciate you!

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