We're All Family (alternately known as Family Style) is the main theme song for the Nick Jr. Thanksgiving theme "Family Style" on November 2012 and 2014.


Note: Characters that sing and/or speak are bold.


Milli and Geo: ♪Brothers Sisters you and me♪
Dora: ♪And everyone in our family tree♪
♪Oh-oo-a-oh, you can count on me♪

Molly: ♪We all go to the park and play♪
Dora: ♪We come together for the holidays♪
Milli and Geo: ♪Oh-oo-a-oh, let's celebrate♪

Molly: ♪Our family♪
Molly and Bot: ♪We're all together♪
Dora: ♪We're all family-ee-ee-ey♪
Gil: ♪Together forever♪
Gil and Dora: ♪We're all family♪

Grandma Bunny: (Oh, look who's here.)

Molly: ♪And no mater how far you roam♪
Dora: ♪We'll always make you feel at home♪
Dora, Milli, and Geo: Oh-oo-a-oh, we're all family♪

Dora:Uncles, brothers, cousins, sisters, BFFs, Mrs.s and Mr.s
Boots: ♪We're all part of one big family♪


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Nick Jr. Song Family Style (2012)

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Nick Jr. Family Style Video 2


  • Creative Director: Jennifer Cast.
  • Project Manager: Kelly Fentress.
  • Producer: Jennifer Treuting.
  • Editor: Rick Deustch.
  • Animation Director: Christopher Papa.
  • Design and Animation: Sol Linero and Juliana Pedemonte.
  • Music & Lyrics: Michelle Lewis & Michael Dennis Smith
  • Vocals: Ethan Kempner, Madeleine Rose Yen, Fatima Ptacek, Brianna Gentilella, Donovan Patton, Teddy Walsh, and Koda Gursoy.
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