aka Benjamin Kirsch

  • I live in Morganville
  • I was born on February 8
  • I am Male
  • Hi, I'm Ben Kirsch. I come everyday to edit online and add information about episodes. I know Blue's Clues a lot.
  • I'm 14 years old and born on February 8, 2006, going to high school on September 10.
  • I still watch Blue's Clues.
  • If I see vandalism, I have extreme deeds of reverting them, I revert them faster then an admin, but sometimes, I'm not fast enough.
    • I have to keep aware of people who have vandalism.
      • The most popular vandals are Byron, Caidin Johnson, and HilmLogan. Be aware of those editors and they should be indefinitely blocked.
      • And no, I don't use vandalism, but people think I do have vandalism. I just hate vandalism.
  • The released dates have been recorded by User:BlueBarracudaMary, don't change the info.
    • User:BlueBarracudaMary used iTunes and Amazon to make the dates correct.
      • Example: Hide and Seek releasing July 8/19 1998 is wrong, October 25, 1999 is correct. This is because Hide and Seek is Season 3, not Season 2.
  • I have some home media Blue's Clues/Room.
    • I have all the 2003 Blue's Clues DVDs.
    • I also have some others.
  • I have nine "You Found a Clue" achivements for the 86,000, the 88,000, the 91,000, the 94,000, the 96,000, the 97,000, and the 98,000, the (grand) 100,000, and the 102,000.
  • Be safe for COVID-19, because my dad died on April 15, 2020, and I'm so sad about it.
  • Any questions or comments? Text me on my Message Wall.


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