Hello everyone!!! My name is Arissa. I am currently 17 years old! I really love Blue's Clues.

About Me

I'm 17 years old and I'm currently a junior in high school. I have ten siblings. I have two biological siblings and the others are adopted siblings. I also have two dogs and two cats. My dogs names are "Cinnamon" and "Savannah". Cinnamon is a Jug, meaning she's a mixed breed between a Jack Russell Terror and a Pug. Savannah is a coonhound. My cat's name is "Oliver". I used to have a dog named "Hershey", but she died in 2012. I also used to have two cats named "Brandy" and "Toonces", but they died as well. Brandy died in 2017 and Toonces died in 2018. My parents are divorced so I live with my father.

What I enjoy doing

I enjoy singing and drawing. I also enjoy playing games.

When I started watching Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues was probably one of the first shows I've ever watched growing up. It was on Noggin and that was the main channel I watched as a kid. I really liked Steve because he was very funny back then and so handsome and nice. I missed him when he went to college. Joe is good too. He did a very nice job filling in for Steve while he was at college.

My Favorite Blue's Clues Episode

My favorite Blue's Clues episode with Steve would have to be "Blue Wants to Play A Song Game because I like how after he found the third clue, he got very excited. I laughed. My favorite episode with Joe would be "Let's Write!" Because I really loved the skidoo segment.

My Favorite part of Blue's Clues

I have two favorite parts of Blue's Clues. The first one is the mailtime segments because I really enjoy Steve/Joe and Mailbox's conversations. My second favorite part of Blue's Clues is the skidooing because every time I see Steve/Joe skidoo to a place, I laugh because I like how they leave the scene.

Additional Information

My favorite TV Shows

  • The Loud House
  • Paw Patrol
  • Blue's Clues
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave
  • Family Guy
  • Astroblast!
  • Oobi

My Favorite Movies

  • Grown Ups 2
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Frozen
  • Blue's Big Musical
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