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Umbrella Bird is a bird that lives in the jungle.


It is a purple bird with a small oval body and a long neck and head. It has tiny and round aquamarine wings, as well as 3 long tail feathers (the middle feather is red, while the other feathers are yellow). It also has a pair of white eyes with black pupils and purple eyelids, a long yellow beak, and a pair of long and thin yellow legs. Its right wing holds an umbrella with a long brown pole and a 6-ribbed canopy; the regular visible side has 2 white segments with a red segment in between the middle, while the segments on the other side counterclockwise from right to left are orange, yellow, and blue.


It only appeared in Blue's ABC Time Activities as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter U).


  • When you click on the umbrella bird to get its picture in Safari Snapshots, it spins its umbrella counterclockwise.