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Tyrese, played by Tyrese Gibson, is the owner of Purple Kangaroo, one of Blue's friends currently attending Miss Marigold's preschool class with many of Blue's friends. He is portrayed by singer, songwriter, and actor Tyrese Gibson. The character has only made one appearance in the Blue's Clues television series. He celebrates Kwanzaa with Purple Kangaroo every December.


Tyrese is the owner of Purple Kangaroo, a young kangaroo attending preschool along with Blue. He is a minor character in the Blue's Clues television series and has only made one appearance in the show. He served as a secondary protagonist in his guest appearance once to portray Purple Kangaroo's owner. He apparently hasn't met Joe, since he made his appearance before he took over Steve's role as host of Blue's Clues.The character is played by singer, rapper, songwriter, and television/film actor Tyrese Gibson, who is best known for portraying Roman Pearce in the Fast and Furious film series, debuting in 2 Fast 2 Furious.


Tyrese is bald. He is shown wearing a bright yellow shirt with buttons, a pair of dark brown pants and his shoes are black. He is African-American.


Tyrese has appeared in the episode, Blue's Big Holiday, but he doesn't appear in Blue's Clues & You! so far. It is unknown if he will appear in Blue's Clues & You!.