Turquoise is Blue's pet turtle. Turquoise was a birthday present from Steve in "Blue's Birthday".


Turquoise is a green turtle with a light blue shell that has blue pentagonal spots on it. She first appeared in "Blue's Birthday," when Steve did some shopping at the present store for Blue. She was seen by Steve and purchased her due to him thinking Blue would like her. It would later turn out that, through a game of Blue's Clues, that she was what Blue wanted the most for her birthday. She was also the third clue in "Nurture!" and part of the answer to Blue's Clues. She continued to appear throughout the entire series. In "Joe's First Day," she was the subject of Blue's book on how to feed a turtle.


Turquoise has a green head, feet, and tail. Her shell is light blue with blue pentagonal spots and a dark blue rim. Her face consists of a pair of black eyes and a mouth.


Turquoise appears in "Blue's Birthday", "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!", "Blue's Sad Day", "Nurture!", "Shy", and "Joe's First Day".


  • Turquoise was once shy at the viewers when they got up close to see her. Then, in a flash, disappeared into her shell. Turquoise poked out of her shell and then remembers the viewers at home and the very first time that the viewers and Turquoise met at Blue's birthday party.
  • Turquoise also appeared on a call reminder on the bulletin board in "Prehistoric Blue", on a to-do list on the refrigerator in "Words", and in the living room picture in "Let's Boogie".
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