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Timely is a talking clock. He can tell time easily. Timely is one of Steve's old friends and lives on a shelf located in the living room of a live action house. He is probably related to Tickety Tock since he is a clock like her.


Timely is a deep sky blue octagon-shaped clock with dark blue feet and a round white face. On his face are black numbers from 1 to 12, and a pair of clock hands with three fingers on each one like Tickety's (the minute hand is pale green and the hour hand is aquamarine) that are connected by a silver nut. When sentient, his face also includes a pair of white eyes with black pupils and deep sky blue eyelids, and a hot pink mouth. He also has light pink cheeks that darken when he blushes.


Timely only appeared in a special bonus available at the start of the VHS edition of Blue's Birthday. Due to this, he is one of the least seen characters in all of the series, due to his part not being released on anything else.


  • It could be possible that his sister is Tickety Tock, since they're both clocks.
  • The children gasp, laugh, and giggle, except Steve, when Timely comes to life, welcoming the kids and yawning.
  • Timely oohs silently when he watches Steve and the kids going to the rug to practice the birthday candle dance.
  • This character is named after Victor Timely from Marvel Comics.