Tickety Tock


Tickety Tock
Alarm clock
First Appearance
Voice actresses
Kathryn Avery (1996-2000)
Kelly Nigh (2000-2004)

Tickety Tock (Tickety for short), is a major character in the television show Blue's Clues.


Tickety is a playful alarm clock. She often has problems with her clock hands but she helps remind everybody of important times. She loves tall things, counting polka dots and dancing to all kinds of music. Tickety is forgiving and very thoughtful.


Tickety is pink with gray bells. Her feet are black. She has every number up to 12 in her circular center. Tickety's eyes are completely black. She usually has a smile on her face. Tickety doesn't have any arms. But she does have clock hands. Sometimes the number 12 is marked with a different symbol in each episode. The 12 symbol rather symbolizes what is happening throughout each episode.


Tickety has appeared in most episodes of Blue's Clues. Her first appearance was in Blue Prints. Her last appearance was in Bluestock. Tickety was mentioned after her last appearance in Behind the Clues. In most season five episodes, Tickety is only seen in the theme song singing and dancing with the rest of the cast.


  • Steve startled Tickety when she was napping and all her clock pieces came apart. The hands, the numbers and the alarm bells got put back on.
  • One time Tickety startles Steve when he was in the middle of trying to figure out Mailbox's birthday party game with only 2 clues in the episode Mailbox's Birthday.
  • Tickety is one of 4 characters that appear in the credits before season 4. Others include Blue, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper.
  • Tickety skidooed once with Joe and Blue in Numbers Everywhere.


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