Tickety Tock, usually called Tickety for short, is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Tickety is a friendly alarm clock who lives on top of Blue's nightstand. She enjoys ringing her bells, which she uses to wake up everyone in the Blue's Clues house. Tickety often needs help moving her clock hands. She and Blue both hope to become teachers when they grow up.


Tickety is mostly pink with a white dial for a face. She has a pair of silver bells with black tips and a black hammer in between and black eyes, feet, and hands with 4 fingers on each one. The periphery of her dial is numbered 1 to 12 in purple. The number 12 is occasionally replaced by a different symbol fitting the theme of a specific episode, though her other numbers are capable of becoming different symbols as well.

Her hammer is more downward-curved in the reboot.


Tickety appears in most episodes of Blue's Clues. Her first appearance was in "Snack Time". Her last appearance was in the series finale, "Bluestock."




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