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Tickety has appeared in many episodes. Her 1st appearance was in [[Blue Prints]]. Her last appearance was in [[Bluestock]].
Tickety has appeared in many episodes. Her first appearance was in [[Blue Prints]]. Her last appearance was in [[Bluestock]].

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Tickety Tock
Alarm clock
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice actresses
Kathryn Avery (1996-2000)
Kelly Nigh (2000-2014)

Tickety Tock, or simply just Tickety, is an alarm clock. In most episodes, her 12 mark is a different symbol, depending on the theme. She lives in Blue's bedroom on the nightstand. Tickety is learning to count & loves to ring her bells. She is a caring, forgiving clock. Unlike most of the others, Tickety will accept losing a game or forgetting her lines in a play. Tickety loves to sing, but she isn't that good at it.


Tickety is a playful alarm clock. She often has problems with her clock hands, but she helps remind everybody of important times of the day. She loves tall things, counting polka dots, and dancing to all kinds of music. Tickety is forgiving and very thoughtful.


Tickety is pink with gray bells. Her feet are black. She has every number up to 12 in her circular center. Tickety's eyes are completely black. She usually has a smile on her face. Tickety doesn't have any arms, but she does have clock hands. Sometimes the number 12 is marked with a different symbol, usually having to do with what is happening throughout each episode. From the back, she is purple with some pink on the edge. She also has a wind-up key on her back.


Tickety has appeared in many episodes. Her first appearance was in Blue Prints. Her last appearance was in Bluestock.


  • Tickety's favourite song game was If you're happy and you know it.
  • Tickety's favourite nursery rhyme is Hickory, Dickory, Dock.
  • Tickety's favorite book is Goldilocks & The 3 Bears because she likes bears and the number 3.
  • In the Portuguese version, Pistas Da Blue, she is named Tick Tock.
  • As Tickety Tock was given a new voice, it was different meaning she was older.
  • Tickety skidooed in Numbers Everywhere!
  • In A Mailbox Interviews Segment of The blue's Clues Comedy show, it is revealed that she cried when Steve left for college in Steve Goes To College.
  • Tickety's first speaking role was in What Time it is For Blue?. Her last speaking role was in Bluestock.
  • Tickety's voiced has been changed throughout the series. Kathryn Avery voiced her in the first 3 seasons and the Season 4 episode Superfriends! Starting in mid Season 3, Kelly High voiced Tickety for the rest of the series. Although Kelly's voice has changed a little bit throughout the series. In Season 4, her voice sounded cheerful. And in Season 5, her voice sounded more grown up.


Tickety Tocker

It's Tickety!

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