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Tickety Tock, usually called Tickety for short, is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Tickety is the alarm clock or grandfather clock who wakes the residents of the Blue's Clues House each morning. She loves to count, is very number-oriented, and keeps a lot of schedules. She often helps Blue and the hosts with math problems. Her best friend is Slippery, and they appear alongside each other often, including in the original opening sequence.

She and Blue both want to become teachers when they grow up, so they can teach others about all of life's great features.

Tickety lives on a nightstand in the bedroom. She was originally Steve's alarm clock, and Steve's bed was next to the nightstand. When Steve left for college, Tickety stayed in the bedroom, but she took on the "wake-up" role for everyone else in the house instead.


Tickety is a traditional mechanical alarm clock or grandfather clock that mostly consists of a mulberry circular body with a white dial for a face. The back side of her body is purple with a white wind-up key sticking out. She has a pair of silver bells with black tips and a black hammer in between and black eyes, feet, and hands with 4 fingers on each one. her mouth is pink with dimples. The periphery of her dial is numbered 1 to 12 in medium purple. The number 12 is occasionally replaced by a different symbol fitting the theme of a specific episode, though her other numbers are capable of becoming different symbols as well.

In the reboot, her mouth is now red, has a sandy pink tongue, and still sometimes has dimples. Her numbers are now purple and her hammer is more downward-curved.


Counting the intro and credit sequences, Tickety appears in every episode of Blue's Clues. Her first appearance was in "Snack Time" without any lines. Her first speaking role was in the second episode "What Time is it for Blue?". Her last appearance in the original series was in the series finale, "Bluestock."


  • Tickety's favorite nursery rhyme (and the answer to Blue's Clues in the episode of the same name) is "Hickory Dickory Dock" due to its focus on a clock.
  • In seasons two through three, Tickety is one of four characters to appear in the credits sequence. The others are Blue, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper.
  • Tickety skidoos with Joe and Blue in "Numbers Everywhere" and “Blue's Wishes.”
  • A song sung by Tickety Tock, "Today's the Big Day," is exclusive to the Blue's Big Musical Movie soundtrack.
  • By knowing what the time is, she always shouts "Mail time!" just like Mailbox.
  • Tickety once whispered into Blue's ear, closing her eyes and smiling while she did it. Although it is never heard or revealed what she said, it was the event that kickstarted the plot for the nursery rhyme episode.
  • Despite their voice actors being different, Tickety’s reboot voice is slightly similar to Everest from PAW Patrol.



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