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The Thinking Chair in Blue's Big Holiday

The Thinking Chair is where Steve, Joe, or Josh solve a problem. They puzzle over Blue's three clues and attempts to come up with the answer.

Substitute Thinking Chairs

Theme Music

Thinking Chair Music Full


  • The Thinking Chair was the second clue in "Inventions".
  • It is possible the Thinking Chair used in the final two seasons of the Original Series was a replica as Steve was given the original Thinking Chair when he left.
  • Despite that there are substitute thinking chairs in Magenta Gets Glasses and Magenta's Messages, Steve and Joe did sit on the thinking chair for the Blue's Clues theme song.
  • In Nature, Steve doesn't sit in the Thinking Chair because they're outside throughout the whole episode, he sits in the Thinking Rock instead.
  • In Magenta Gets Glasses, Steve doesn't sit in the Thinking Chair figuring out the clues because Miranda is over and they sit on the couch instead figuring out the clues together.
  • Piper O'Possum (the host of Nick Jr. from 2004-2007) sat on the Thinking Chair in a 2006 split screen credit promo for Blue's Clues coming up next. Click here to view it.
    Piper on the Thinking Chair-0

    Piper on the Thinking Chair

  • Steve Burns, the first host of the series, currently owns the original Thinking Chair.
    • It is possible that the thinking chair from the last two seasons is a replica of the original thinking chair.
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