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The Thinking Chair on display at Nickelodeon Studios Burbank

Kid size thinking chair

The Thinking Chair is an armchair that Steve, Joe, or Josh sit on to think about the answer for Blue's Clues. It is also sat on during Mailtime when letters and emails are being read.


Before Blue's Clues began production, the Thinking Chair was a regular chair designed and sold by Galerkin Furniture as part of their Max line. It was originally made for a show on the E! Network called Pure Soap, with an extended sofa version to match. The chair itself was produced in various colors such as blue, indigo, purple, and the now-famous red.

Thinking Chair Variations[]


  • The Case of the Missing Thinking Chair is the only Blue's Clues & You! episode (so far) in which the thinking chair ends up in the backyard.
  • The Thinking Chair was the second clue in "Inventions" and it was the only time it was a clue.
  • Steve was given the original Thinking Chair when he left the show, and the chair used in the final two seasons of the original series was a replica. It is possible that the season 3-4 thinking chair is also a different chair, because the arms were wider. Seven new Thinking Chairs were made for Blue's Clues & You!
  • Reproductions of the Thinking Chair have appeared at theme parks like Dreamworld and King's Dominion.
  • Despite that there are substitute thinking chairs in several episodes, Steve, Joe, and Josh did sit on the thinking chair during the Play Blue's Clues song.
  • In both "Nature" and "Spring is Here!", the host doesn't sit in the Thinking Chair because they're outside throughout the whole episode, they sit in the Thinking Rock instead.
  • In "Magenta Gets Glasses," Steve doesn't sit in the Thinking Chair figuring out the clues because Miranda is over and they sit on the couch instead figuring out the clues together.
  • According to "Bedtime Business", the thinking chair is where Joe sleeps, although humans in real-life sleep in beds. Joe also did not have any blankets with him, so he would get not just uncomfortable, but also really cold, especially in winter.
    • However, as the zooming out of the house appeared, the window where Blue normally appears had its light turned off. Joe likely was the one who turned off the light, and then he most likely went to his actual bed and slept there like normal humans would.
  • Piper O'Possum (the host of Nick Jr. from 2004-2007) sat on the Thinking Chair in a 2006 split screen credit promo for Blue's Clues coming up next.
  • This is Steve, Joe, and Josh's special place.
  • It was the answer in "Hide and Seek with Blue."
  • The Thinking Chair is on the front of the notebook, to remind the host to sit in the thinking chair after they find the three clues.
  • The Thinking Chair is mentioned in "Blue's Big Car Trip" & "Meet Blue's Baby Brother".
  • The Thinking Chair is absent but made a cameo appearance on the notebook in "Magenta's Messages" & "Soccer Practice".
  • There was a golden thinking chair in "Meet Blue's Baby Brother".


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