The Wrong Shirt


Season 3, Episode 25 (65 overall)
Monday, November 13, 2000
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1. An Up Light Switch
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Lights On, Lights Off

The Wrong Shirt is the 25th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 3.

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Steve's shirt and pants change to look like one another, causing us to learn about opposites.


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  • Light switch


  • In this episode, Steve wears a tan shirt and green striped pants, which are the shirt and pants colors of his outfit reversed. He returns to his regular outfit at the end of the So Long Song.
  • In the UK Version, Kevin wears a short sleeved tan shirt instead of a long sleeved tan shirt.
  • This is the only time a character skidooed out and in from a skidoo location (possibly due to the episode involving opposites).
    • When Bob skidooed from the Living Room Picture Frame, the following opposites occurred:
      • The window is upside-down instead of rightside-up.
      • The thinking chair is up instead of down.
      • A tree is inside instead of outside.
      • Sidetable Drawer is tall instead of short.
  • During the So Long Song, Steve starts with his opposite clothes. The lights turn off and when they came back on, Steve has all green striped clothes. The lights turn off and when they came back on, Steve has all tan clothes. The lights turn off and when they came back on, Steve had his normal clothes again.
    • When Steve's clothes return to normal, Snail appears behind Sidetable.
  • This is last episode since Blue Goes to the BeachWhat Story Does Blue Want to Play? and Blue's ABCs have old voices (who are born in the 80s or 90s and it turns pre-teens) from Season 1-2 1996-1997. Especially the "It's a Clue!" Line.
  • This is the second episode Mailbox gets a letter with the first being Mailbox's Birthday. This is also due to opposites.
  • While the kids are laughing, Steve's clothes are wrong. Like it happened after What's So Funny?.


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The Wrong Shirt

The Wrong Shirt

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