"The Thinking Squad" is the thirteenth episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Superfriends".


  • Mr. Salt
  • Frank/The Cheerer-Upper
  • Fancy Dancer
  • The Runner
  • Baby Bear (living room picture)


Josh, Blue, Tickety, Slippery, and the viewers become the Thinking Squad, a group of superheroes who use their brains to figure out problems. When they hear a mysterious noise, they play Blue's Clues and use their skills to figure out where the sound is coming from.


  • Question: What's making that strange sound?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Bubbles
    • 2. Water
    • 3. Clothes
  • Answer: The washing machine


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The Thinking Squad

The Thinking Squad


  • This is the first episode to be a remake of a season 4 episode.
  • This episode aired as part of "Mighty Heroes Month" on Nick Jr., followed by a new PAW Patrol mini mission short.


  • Aside from Super Blue, everyone else's superhero outfits are different.
    • Josh/Song Man simply wears a red cape without a mask.
      • Though in some Halloween promos and bumpers for Nick Jr. on October 2019, he also wore a matching mask and gloves.
    • Clock Girl has a brighter purple cape with white stars and numbers on it and lacked the bands on her bells.
    • Super Soap's armbands and belt are blue, the yellow star on his belt has rounder points with a light green outline, the yellow lightning bolts on his armbands are replaced with light green dots, his lightning bolt antennae are held by blue rods instead of springs, and his sponge wand has a light green handle with a rounder-pointed sponge star.
    • Wonder Drawer has a light blue cape with a yellow edge a yellow headband with a red outline Josh's notebook in the middle, pale yellow stars with red outlines on the ends, and blue lines in between the stars and notebook; and a light blue mask with a yellow outline (all of which are sparkly).
    • Wonder Drawer also had her outfit on for the rest of the original episode, while in this episode she only had it on while Josh/Song Man got the Super Duper Notebook.
  • Josh/Song Man winks at Slippery Soap/Super Soap after Slippery Soap/Super Soap said: “Anytime, Song Man!”
  • In the original, Steve didn’t say “hi” to the viewer after he opened the door, but in the remake, Josh actually did say “hi” to the viewer after he opened the door.
  • At the beginning of this episode, Josh/Song Man needed help calling for his guitar. In the original episode, Steve/Stripe Man needed help finding his mask.
  • The Thinking Squad followed the sound to the living room in the original episode, while they stayed in the bedroom in this episode.
  • The Super Duper Notebook has a red cape, while in the original it had no cape.
  • Josh decides to sing while drawing the clues since he is Song Man.
  • Orchestral superhero music was used for the clue drawing instead of the usual electric bass guitar music.
  • Josh does impressions of Superman in this episode.
  • Josh/Song Man sings while drawing the clues, while Steve/Stripe Man doesn't.
  • Josh/Song Man goes to the left and the bubbles with the paw print is seen out the window. In the original, Steve/Stripe Man goes to the right.
  • They uploaded a YouTube video about Josh and Blue skidooing into the comic book, and they misspelled the word skidoo with skiddo
  • The scene with Paprika and her teddy bear aren't in this episode.
  • Josh/Song Man sings the last "MAIL!" like he usually does. In the original, Steve/Stripe Man announced heroically that "The mail's here" instead.
  • The hero in the original video letter was Super Morgan, who helps people out. The super hero in this video letter is the Super Doodler, who can doodle really fast.
  • The heroes of Super Hero Ville have regular skin and hair colors and wear different outfits.
  • The silhouette of a flying adult superhero is replaced by a generic superhero boy.
  • In the original episode, the clothes that were the 3rd clue were in the bedroom and Blue/Super Blue put her paw print in them. In this episode, they looked different, were in the living room, and already had a paw print on them.
  • The area where the washing machine was located to the left of the kitchen in the original, while in the remake it was located to the right of the bedroom.
  • Frank/The Cheerer-Upper doesn't join the others in following the sound to the washing machine.
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