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The Power of the Alphabet is the 6th episode of Blue's Room from season 1.



Blue and her friends learn about letters, the alphabet, punctuation, capitals, spelling, and words in this fun-filled episode. Learning your ABCs is great when Blue's around!


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Word of the Day



  • This was the only time Dictionary spells out the word of the day (The word of the day is writer as mentioned above).
  • This is the last episode to air in 2005.
  • There are two times where Blue says to the viewer "Hi you.". The first time was in the beginning of the episode, and the second time was when Antonio first came in.
  • This episode was released on VHS and DVD around the time it aired on TV.
  • The elephant in this episode looked similar to the ones from several episodes of Blue's Clues (a body shape without toes similar to the ones from "Snack Time", a flat-ended trunk similar to the one from "What Time Is It for Blue?", and a color similar to the one from "Nurture!")
  • This is the last episode of Season 1 of Blue's Room.
    • This also marks the final time the Season 1 structure of "Blue's Room" was used, as, after this episode, many changes were made to the show's episode structure.
      • In addition to this, this marks the final time "Polka Dots' Puzzles" is played, as it was removed altogether starting with the next episode and the last appearance of Silly Seat because he is nowhere to be seen in the next season.
  • This is the final episode in which Peter Linz performs Polka Dots and Doodle Board. Starting with the next episode and Shape Detectives, both characters get new performers. However, the name of these performers is James Godwin, as the end credits, nor Nickelodeon, don't list who puppeteers who on the show.
    • This is also the last episode where Leslie Carrara-Rudolph puppeteers Blue. She would be replaced by Noel MacNeal starting with the next episode, while Victoria Pontecorvo still voices Blue.
  • This episode appeared on the 2005 VHS/DVD release of Alphabet Power.
  • This is another episode focusing on the alphabet and words.


  • The intro for this episode kept Tim Lagasse as Polka Dots when he sang the line "You and Blue!" despite the fact that Peter Linz actually replaced him as Polka Dots starting with Fred's Birthday.


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