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The Most Spectacular Place is a song from Skidoo Adventure.

Characters singing[]


Blue: HOME!

The most spectacular place I’ve ever known

Its my home sweet home

Roary: Is where you sleep there

Fred: And where you wake up

All: Home is where you play every day

Blue: What do you do in your home? I do that too!

All: Home!

Doodleboard: Is where we draw

All: Home!

Boogie Woogie: Is where there’s music

Blue: Home is where your family stays! Hey who’s in your family?

What a great family! Spectacular in fact

The most spectacular place, You know what else is spectacular about home?

This room, This playroom is

All: The most spectacular place I’ve ever known

Blue: This playroom is really my favorite room

Of my home sweet HOME!

Silly Seat: (laughing)