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The Joe Show is a song about Joe putting on a one-man show, aka a solo play for Blue & The Viewer. The show is about Little Red Riding Hood, who gets a hold of her friend, Duck's snack. But they can't find each other, until Little Red Riding Hood was feeling tired and leaving Duck's snack, but he can't find it, until Blue and the Viewer helped find it.

Characters Singing[]

  • Joe in his normal self wearing his orange shirt, as a narrator
  • Blue
  • The Viewer
  • Duck, played by Joe in his yellow shirt
  • Little Red Riding Hood, played by Joe in his green shirt


Joe: Are you ready for "The Joe Show"?

Blue: Bow bow bow! (The Joe Show!)

(Music starts to play as Joe enters the stage)

Joe: (singing) It's The Joe Show! (plays kazoo) It's the Joe Show! (plays kazoo again) It's a show for you, it's a show for Blue, it's a show about the wacky, quacky things I do. (narrating while holding his kazoo like a microphone) Today on the Joe Show, Little Red Riding Hood has a snack for her friend, Duck. But... she can't find him, what's going to happen?

Little Red Riding Hood: My name is Little Red Riding Hood, I always try to be just where I should, but it seems I'm rather stuck, I cannot find my friend Duck, the one's so quacky with the big webbed feet, I brought this snacky for him to eat. Wheeeeeeeeeere is that duck?

Duck: I am the duck, I like to quack, but Little Red has my snack. I really cannot wait until I stuff that snack into my bill. I searched across this grassy wood, but where is Red, Red Riding Hood? QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!

Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, Duck?

Duck: Little Red?

Little Red Riding Hood: (calling) Oh, Duck?

Duck: (calling) Little Red?

Little Red Riding Hood: (singing) Oh, Duck?

Duck: (sadly) Little Red?

(Little Red Riding Hood and the duck try to find each other)

Little Red Riding Hood: I'm so tired, I will go to bed, but here's the snack, if the duck should ask. Tell him it's in this picnic

(Little Red Riding Hood runs home and the duck reappears)

Duck: Hello, quack, quack, I am back. Have you seen my precious snack?

(Joe pops in front of the stage)

Joe: (narrating) Can you help us? Where is the duck's snack?

The Viewer: Right there!

(Duck pops in)

Duck: Quack, quack! My snack, my snack! Quack! Quack! I got my snack. A quacky snacky from Little Red, makes me happy and well fed. I got my snaaaaaaack back!

(Blue barks "Bravo!")

(Audience cheers and claps)

Duck: Thank you, thank you. I hope you enjoyed "The Joe Show". QUACK!

Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, please, you're too kind.