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The Goodbye Song is the song that Joe sings at the end of each Season 6 episode, which happens right after Blue's Room segments, except The Legend of the Blue Puppy and Meet Blue's Baby Brother (if counted). It replaced the So Long Song from the first 5 seasons.

Characters Singing[]


Come on, won't you help me say so long,
Everybody sing the goodbye song!
Ready? Here we go!
Bye! Buh-bye,
See you later! Sweet potato!
(I'll) See you real soon.

Love Day exclusive last line[]

And happy Love Day!


The Italics means spoken.


  • The song replaced The So Long Song from Seasons 1-5.
  • This song was only sung in the season 6 episodes that aired in 2004.
  • In some episodes, it ends with the zooming out of the house and Blue popping up from the left window to bark and wave "Goodbye!".
  • In Love Day, in addition to Joe singing this song, he also said, "And happy Love Day!" before it zoomed out of the house and the credits appeared.
  • This song is most likely an attempt to save time due to the Blue's Room segments.
  • The credits in season 6 is actually to the tune of this song (with an extra instrument that changes from episode to episode).
  • Although the song is called the GOODBYE song, it doesn't say goodbye after the second line.
    • It is a common misconception of "Bye! Buh-bye!" being heard as "Bye! Goodbye!"
  • Joe's vocals range from the low note of B2 to the high note of A4.