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Salt Pepper!

The Breakfast Song is a song from the Blue's Clues feature film, Blue's Big Musical Movie. It also appeared in Morning Music.

Characters Singing[]




Mr. Salt: Pass me the granola!
Mrs. Pepper: I'll put in a bowl-a!
Mr. Salt: Pancakes
Mrs. Pepper: Berries
Paprika: And orange juice!
Steve: How about some toast?
Mr. Salt: Mmm, toast is the most!
Mr. Salt: Eggs will really please me.
Mrs. Pepper: Please make them over easy!
Slippery: Waffles
Tickety: With syrup
Mailbox: A big glass of milk!
Steve: How about some fruit?
Mr. Salt: Mmm, fruit is a hoot!

Lyrics from Morning Music[]

Mr. Salt: Here is a banana
Mrs. Pepper: It's great as a manana
Mr. Salt: A muffin
Mrs. Pepper: A carrot
Mr. Salt: Some maple syrup
Mrs. Pepper: How about a piece of fruit?
Man: Mmm a piece of fruit would be great, An apple is appealing
Mr. Salt: A sweet delicious treat
Mrs. Pepper: But when you're finished eating
Mr. Salt: You'll want to brush your teeth


  • In Blue's Big Musical Movie, you can't even hear the rest of the lyrics.