The Big Book About Us

The Big Book About Us

Season 5, Episode 4
98 (Aired)
100 (In Production Order)
May 20, 2002 (US)
August 29, 2003 (UK)
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The Big Book About Us is the fourth episode of Blue's Clues from season five.

Characters Present


Joe and everyone else at the Blue's Clues house are all creating pages for a scrapbook called The Big Book About Us. Joe creates his on a green piece of paper, putting on it some of his favorite things and encourages us to create one as well. We also help out some of the other characters to put neat things on their pages that show what they like.


  • Question: What does Blue want to put on the front of The Big Book About Us?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Paper
    • 2. Crayons
    • 3. A Mirror
  • Answer: A self portrait
  • Skidoo location: Sticker book (with Periwinkle)
  • Living room picture: Magenta with a paint palette, then Green Puppy building with blocks, then Blue reading a book



  • In the DirecTV guide of this episode, Steve Burns is accidentally added to the cast.
  • When coming up with things to represent themselves for the "Big Book About Us," the characters have all conveniently forgotten about the things they collected in Blue's Collection.
  • In this episode, Sidetable states that her favorite color is purple. But in Colors Everywhere! she states that her favorite color is orange.


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The Big Book About Us

The Big Book About Us

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