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"Now that we're three, what will we be?"

The Talking Clues are clues drawn in Joe's notebook from late season 5 to season 6 and then becoming magically animated so they can talk and sing what they are. Joe (or Blue in Joe's Clues) is not shown drawing the clues nor does he/she explain how to draw them. Additionally, during the "solving" phase, the clues appear to solve themselves, rather than Joe or Blue reasoning out what the answer to Blue's Clues is. The very first three talking clues were "Up," "night" and "flashing colors," seen in "Our Neighborhood Festival", and the very last three talking clues were "Truck", "Cones", and "Circles" seen in "Soccer Practice".


The talking clues are notebook drawings that have black eyes and a pink mouth. Some of the clues have black mouths, dimples on the mouth, and/or eyebrows.


Talking clues were first introduced in late Season 5. They continued from then and throughout Season 6.

Season 5

Season 6