• Paprika's previous voice actress, Jenna Marie Castle, has now been replaced by Corrine Hoffman.
    • Starting with this episode, this is also the first time where Paprika speaks more fluently. She will be able to speak in full sentences in the next episode "What's New, Blue?".
  • The episode's title is based on the 1970s cartoon Superfriends.
  • Kathryn Avery has officially been replaced by Kelly Nigh for the voice of Tickety since Blue's Big Musical.
  • Mr. Salt's orange juice pops being ready at 2:00 is an exact reference to "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!"
  • The drawing of the Steve version of "Stripe Man" remains the same in all international versions of this episode.
  • At the end of the Mailtime Song, Steve didn't wail out "Mail". Instead, a trumpet sound was heard, then Steve says "The mail's here" in his superhero voice.
  • This is the first time Steve actually gets to see Blue leave a clue.
  • Sidetable Drawer's superhero outfit and identity "Wonder Drawer" is based on Wonder Woman.
  • This is the second time Steve draws bubbles as the first clue.
  • When Frank turns into "The Cheerer-upper", the thinking time music of Pretend Time is heard.
  • This was the last episode to air before 9/11.
  • This episode was later remade in Blue's Clues & You! as The Thinking Squad.
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