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This coloring book was published by Golden Books in 2001. It also included a paintbrush. When you dip your paintbrush into water and paint the pages, colors will appear when you paint it with water. It was also the coloring book version of Superfriends.

Characters Present[]


  • Steve, Blue, Tickety, Slippery, and the viewers become the Thinking Squad, a group of superheroes who use their brains to figure out problems. Steve asked the viewers if they will help them play Blue's Clues and use their skills to figure out who Super Blue needs to help with her superpowers.


  • Question: Who does Super Blue need to help with her superpowers ?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Stamp
    • 2. An Envelope
    • 3. A Flag
  • Answer: Mailbox


  • The original clues for Superfriends were bubbles, water, and clothes. The answer was a washing machine, but however, those clues didn't appear on the coloring book.
  • Steve, Blue, Tickety, Slippery, and Sidetable Drawer all had superhero masks, but Sidetable Drawer didn't have a superhero cape. Steve, Blue, Slippery, and Tickety had superhero capes, but however in the episode version, she did have a superhero cape.