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"Stormy Weather" is the 27th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 3.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue check out the weather conditions.


  • Question: What kind of weather does Blue think is coming?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Cloud
    • 2. A Drop of Water
    • 3. Freezing
  • Answer: Snow
  • Skidoo location: The weather picture
  • Living room picture: A picture of a weather vane: first it is pointing left, then right, then bottom left, then upper right
  • Felt frame picture: Sun, Felt Bird & Cloud. 


  • Danielle Brown, a relative of Consultant Laura G. Brown, and Madeleine Steinberg, a relative of Executive Assistant Amy Steinberg, are both Steve's Friends in this episode.
  • Steve wears his sweater at the end of the episode.
    • The first episode where Steve had a sweater on was from "Blue's Big Holiday". He had it the whole time.
  • This is the second episode where Steve is dressed for the rain.
    • The first episode was "Steve Gets the Sniffles".
      • However, unlike the aforementioned episode, in this one, his rain hat is absent and is replaced by an umbrella.
  • Steve returns to his Season 1 higher-pitched, excited voice for this episode.
  • This is the fourth episode where Blue hides in the leaves in the opening.
  • This is the second time Steve acts as a reporter. The first was in the episode, "Occupations".
  • There is no Kevin or Duarte version possibly because there was also no international versions for Blue's Big Holiday, where Steve wore his green striped sweater, and since there was no international version, the producers didn't create a green striped sweater with different sizes for Kevin and Duarte to wear, thus the producers did not have time to create one for them to wear at the end of this episode. Nope. Sorry. Sad face. Bumper.
    Orange Kitty.jpg
    Blue's Clues Blue Nod nope.gif
  • This is the second time the credits were very long, The first was in "What Did Blue See?".
    • This credits features vocals from the musical people Nick Balaban and Michael Rubin, singing "Snowing!" and (in a lower tone) "It's Snowing!"
    • This episode also introduces a new action for Blue in the credits. She hops to the middle of the screen underneath the credits, then she looks up, barks, and then hops away. It will be used again in The Anything Box, and in some Season 5 episodes.


  • A beep is heard after clouds block the sun.


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