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Steve Goes to College is the 25th episode of Blue's Clues from season 4.

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Steve is going to college and he has to figure out who is going to watch over the Blue's Clues house when Steve is away.


In this episode, Joe plays Blue's Clues for the first time on his own with his new notebook to figure out what Blue wants to give to Steve when he goes away to college. The clues in this episode are numbers, buttons, and a ringing sound. The answer turns out to be a telephone. After Joe figures out Blue's Clues, Steve enjoys his surprise party. He then says goodbye to everyone and sings The So Long Song one last time before heading off on the bus to college. Later, Joe is settled in and he gets a phone call. It was from Steve. Steve said that he misses everyone, but tells then to have fun and to take care of Joe because Joe needs help sometimes, just like him.


  • Question: What does Blue want Steve to bring to college?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Numbers
    • 2. Buttons
    • 3. A Ringing Sound
  • Answer: A telephone
  • Skidoo location: Sneak peek at Steve's college
  • Living room picture: A picture of Steve and Blue searching for treasure (Just like the bedroom picture in Blue's News), then making an "A" (Just like the bedroom picture in Blue's ABCs), then singing together
  • Felt frame picture: Felt friend wear graduation cap and coat, then felt friends wearing party hats

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This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.


  • We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues will no longer be sung or taken over in anymore episodes from now on, until 17 years later for Blue's Clues & You! but in a new tune.
  • This is the last episode to use the original opening sequence, but it's not the last episode to use the tune of it at the end, as it continues throughout Season 5 and Season 6.
  • This is the only Season 4 episode to use the Season 5 OPT and Season 5 OST.
  • This episode has a fade out, fade in transition.
  • This is the third and final part of the primetime special, "Joe's Scrapbook".
  • This marks the final time Steve stars in a Blue's Clues episode. He would later make a guest appearance in 100th Episode Celebration and do a voice over in Blue's First Holiday.
  • This marks the final time Steve finds a clue, which is buttons. Albeit he has to call Joe over to draw it in his Notebook, since he's the one playing.
  • Joe gets his notebook from Sidetable first and then Steve grabs his own notebook.
  • Steve mentions that he can use his notebook for taking notes in college.
  • This marks Steve's last time to skidoo.
  • This is the first episode where Joe hears an audio clue.
    • On top of that, Steve was not around to see Joe find the third clue because he was in the room where they were planning a Surprise Going Away Party for Steve.
  • There was still no episode title for the beginning or the ending of the show (except Blue's Big Musical) but only during single airings but during Joe's Scrapbook airings the title appeared.
    • For the rest of the series, there will be an episode title for the beginning of the show only.
    • This is the last episode with Steve.
  • This marks Steve's final time to wear his casual clothes.
    • On top of that, it will be his last day to be the host for the show. However, two of his final solo episodes (Blue's School and Something To Do Blue) did not air until August 1, 2006 and were released on video on January 27, 2004.
    • He will wear different clothes in his final appearance in 100th Episode Celebration.
    • He wore the casual clothes when he was little in Blue's First Holiday.
    • However, he wore his casual clothes in the 25th Anniversary Music Video “You Can’t Spell Blue Without You”.
  • This may be the last David B. Levy episode of Season 4, but if there's something special about the episode, you gotta break the rules. During the closing credits, instead of the original character order, Steve's bus is shown driving through various locations while Periwinkle, Magenta, Green Puppy, Orange Kitten, and Purple Kangaroo are shown waving at the bus.
  • The theme song was re-recorded for this episode.
  • This also marks the last episode in which Steve answers the mail.
  • This is the last episode to use the "There she is" line from Snack Time.
  • This is the second episode where Joe sits in the Thinking Chair.
  • After figuring out Blue's Clues, the song "We Sat On Down" was put to permanent use for the rest of the series.
  • This is the last time Steven Burns was a Co-Producer.
  • The beat for "We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues"/"We Just Got a Letter"/"We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues" is used for the first part of the Steve is Going to College jingle.
    • The instrumental version of the Steve is Going to College jingle will be later reused in the future Blue's Room episode Hug Day.
  • This is the only time Steve does not get to use his notebook for drawing clues and the second episode he does not think at the end. This is the first episode that Joe uses his notebook for drawing the clues.
  • This is also the only time the So Long Song is sung before the episode actually ends.
  • The "We Are Looking for Blue's Clues" tune was used when Joe goes to the thinking chair.
  • A smaller version of the poster for the "You Can Be Anything You Want to Be" show from Blue's Big Musical Movie can be found on one of the billboards at the college.
  • Several paintings from Art Appreciation (the ones to pick which paintings the art characters come from) appear in the college art room.
  • The baseball cap Steve wears near the end of the episode is similar to the one he bought in the present store from Math!, only differences are the cap is in a darker shade of green and it does not have a picture of the Blue's Clues house on it.
  • The nighttime version of the So Long Song from What Time Is It for Blue? was used in this episode.
  • Every time after Joe mentions Steve's Surprise Goodbye Party, a party horn can be heard.
  • Characters from previous episodes like Chalk Girl and the older opposite sister are shown to attend to college that Steve is going to.
  • When Joe mentions the Backyard Dancing, the Thinking Chair music from What Was Blue's Dream About? is heard.
  • This episode is considered as the pilot for season 5 because Joe uses his new notebook for the first time, sits in the Thinking Chair solo and the We Sat On Down song was used for the first time since Blue's Big Treasure Hunt.
  • In the original airing, there was a prologue featuring Steve recalling the events of the previous show.
  • Steve is going to college to learn about music, outer space & art.
    • In the second shot of the bus going from left to right, Periwinkle and Magenta wave to Steve while Green Puppy, Orange Kitten, and Purple Kangaroo wave in the fourth shot.
    • The original airing of this, Joe's First Day, and Joe Gets a Clue had a different credit where Joe is doing all kinds of random things where most of them appear in later episodes. The words scroll upwards on the bottom but go behind the clips. As the credits scroll, "Another Blue's Clues Day" is sung. Normally, Mr. Salt says the name of the episode after "It's another Blue's Clues day," but because it's in credits, there's no one speaking at that part. After the credits stop, Joe's scrapbook closes and the Nick Jr. Productions logo follows it and plays as normal.
    • It was conformed in Meet Josh that Steve’s job is a detective agency.
  • This marks the last episode (until Story Wall) to feature the cymbal brush sound effect.
  • This is the only time Joe appears through the window in the Blue's Clues Opening Sequence. Starting in Can You Help?, it will be replaced with Another Blue's Clues Day.
  • Steve and Joe did a duet version of Play Blue's Clues.
    • Joe sits in the thinking chair solo.
      • Steve, however, gets the Mail solo in this episode.
        • This is the last time Steve sings the Mailtime song.
    • A scene from the song from that episode was shown in the song for Nick Jr. in November 2012 and 2014: We're All Family.
  • The last of Steve's Friends include Jennifer & Jonica J. Brown, relatives of Content Consultant Laura G. Brown, Chelsea Harris, a relative of Supervising Producer Wendy Harris, and Jack T. and Travis G. Hoffman, relatives of the voice of Paprika, Corrine Hoffman. Daniel W. Richardson was also a friend of Steve, before he began voicing Baby Bird next season. It is unknown why Jonica J. replaced Danielle Brown.
  • This is the last episode where after the credits, the ball does not rotate while it bounces to the middle of the screen, and the last episode where Blue winks before she throws the ball off-screen and runs away as the book closes. This is also the last episode where magic sparkles do not follow the closing of the book.
  • This is the first episode where Joe opens the door for the viewer.
  • This is the last episode (excluding Blue's First Holiday where he is seen as a child) where Steve is seen without a cap.
  • This was filmed in early 2002, Joe and Tell and Joe Gets a Clue were filmed in late 2001, so it's possible that this episode was planned to start production at that time, but it was possibly delayed due to the 9/11 terror attacks
  • Clips from this episode were seen in the story that Josh read in this video on the Blue's Clues & You! YouTube channel.

    Steve Goes To College! Story Time 📖 - Blue's Clues & You!


  • There was a mistake during the theme song. Blue holds Joe's notebook replaced by Steve's notebook. Steve's notebook is not used to draw clues in this episode because the final time it was used was in Joe Gets a Clue.
  • There was a minor mistake when Blue and Steve were hugging. It looks like Blue is hugging Steve's shoulder and neck, and Steve's arms do not go around Blue.
  • Joe was off-beat singing "We gotta find the last pawprint".
  • When Joe pulls out his notebook from Sidetable Drawer, his notebook chime is heard as well as Steve's notebook ding.


(Steve) Where is everybody (Joe) Here Comes Steve? Don't forget to yell SURPRISE OK

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