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"Steve Gets the Sniffles" (also known as Kevin Gets the Sniffles in the UK version) is the first episode of Blue's Clues from the second season. It was the twentieth episode to be aired and the twenty-first produced and the twenty-sixth to be aired.




  • Question: What does Blue think Steve needs to feel better?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Spoon
    • 2. A Bowl
    • 3. Vegetables
  • Answer: Vegetable Soup
  • Wrong Answer: The vegetable dance with the spoon and bowl.
  • Living room picture: Mama Bear checking Baby Bear with a stethoscope (when Steve skidooed out of Jill's storybook, he came out of the skidoo from the Living room picture instead of the book, and the Living room picture showed a blank white screen)
  • Skidoo location: Jill's storybook (Skidoo In), Living Room Picture Frame (Skidoo Out)
  • Felt Frame picture: Freddy is Sick & Fifi pretending doctor from Blue Goes to the Doctor


Steve has the sniffles. We play Blue’s Clues to figure out what Blue thinks Steve needs to feel better.


Steve has the sniffles. Blue's Clues is played to figure out what Blue thinks Steve needs to "feel better". Along the way, Steve and Blue get some tips to stay healthy. This includes learning about healthy snacks with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper with baby Paprika. Afterward, Steve is given a "checkup" from Shovel and Pail who pretended to be a doctor and nurse respectively. The letter he receives from Mailbox is about a kid's day going to a doctor's appointment and receives a lollipop at the end. Steve and Blue soon skidoo into a story about how a girl named Jill played in the rain, became sick, and how she recovers from her cold. When Steve is starting the process of figuring out what Blue's Clues meant, he sneezes after he gets his notebook out. Steve thinks Blue wants him to do the Vegetable Dance with the Spoon and Bowl, but that was not the answer. Finally, Steve is given vegetable soup to "cure" him of his sniffles.


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  • Starting with this episode, Tickety Tock, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper appear during the credit sequence. Last season, Blue originally appeared by herself during the credit sequence, but starting with this season, the new characters now appear.
  • This is also the first episode where in the intro, Blue hides in a different spot other than the flowers or behind the house. Beginning with this episode, she hides below Mailbox, which becomes a prominent hiding place for most of Season 2 and early Season 3, although the flower hiding place is still used in a few episodes.
  • This was one of the most popular Blue's Clues episodes for a while. It was so popular that it reran on Noggin several times in the 2000s.
  • There's a poster in the doctor's office in the Mailtime segment. The top reads "We are looking for Blue's Clues because we're really smart" and the bottom reads "At Nick Jr., We Play to Learn. Watch Blue's Clues on weekdays at 10:30 on Nick Jr." This is the only time we see a Nick Jr. poster in Blue's Clues and other Nick Jr. shows.
  • This was also the last episode that Holly Klein was the animation assistant from late season 1; later in season 2, she became an animator.
  • In the VHS Version, Steve sings: "...that we wanna do." by himself. This is the fifth episode that he does this, with the first being "The Grow Show" and its previous episodes: What Is Blue Afraid Of?, Magenta Comes Over, and Blue's News.
  • The pawprint moves away as Steve tries to clean it up. Steve explains to the pawprint that he had the sniffles.
  • Hal Rifken directed the video letter.
  • This is Yana Vainshtok's first episode as the prop master.
  • For this episode, the notebook phrase at the beginning before the Theme song uses the Notebook tone from Pretend Time which marks the 5th episode to use it.
  • For this episode, the "a clue a clue" phrase after the Theme song uses the "a clue a clue" from The Grow Show, making it the 4th episode to use it.
  • Like Blue's Birthday, this episode had the viewers sing the theme song, making it the second last episode to have the viewers sing the theme song.
  • Throughout the episode, the picture frame shows a picture of Mama Bear checking Baby Bear with a stethoscope. But after Steve Skidoos out of the book, the picture frame shows a blank white screen like Steve Skidooed out of Squirrel Park. This was also done in Blue's Senses.
  • The episode was renamed Kevin Gets The Sniffles for the UK Kevin version.
  • This episode was the season 2 premiere.
  • This is the last episode where Blue barks once before Steve says, "that we wanna do" from every episode of season 1 except What Does Blue Want to Make?.
  • When Steve spots the second clue on the bowl, orange peels are shown which are eaten by Blue.
  • Usually, Steve stands up to sing "We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues", but he remains sitting down in his thinking chair for this episode because he still had the sniffles.
  • From now on, the end credits are going to have the occupation name in light blue letters. The people's names will still be in navy blue letters.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Blue's high singing sound effect to the Mailtime Song.
  • This is the first time Steve and Sidetable Drawer have a conversation before Steve gets his notebook.
  • In the Mailtime Segment, when Steve tries to finish up the Mailtime Song, he started to sneeze again, but when he puts his tissue up to his nose, he stopped, then says "Mail" calmly instead of yelling it out. Mailbox jokes with Steve, saying that he knows what Steve needs to feel better... the last clue.
  • Starting with this episode up until Math!, when Steve tells the viewers he needs their help figuring out the clues, he is wearing his hair from What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?. This also happens during the So Long Song.
  • The topic of this episode is also dealt with in Blue's Sniffly Day, series book #9. Blue gets a cold and does not feel well enough to play with Steve or her friends. They all work together to cheer her up and make her feel better.
  • This is the first episode where Steve is dressed for the rain.
  • Angela Santomero is credited as Angela C. Santomero (as usual), Jenna Marie Castle is credited as Jenna Castle, and John Sheehy is credited as John Sheehy, MD.
  • The Healthy Snacks song in this episode is available on the album "Dance and Sing: The Best of Nick Jr".
  • This is the first episode where the viewers saying "Notebook!" from Mailbox's Birthday was not used.
  • Sidetable Drawer has the sniffles, too.
  • Shovel pretends to be a doctor and Pail pretends to be a nurse, they say "We know what you have. You have to find the next clue."
  • At one point, Steve mishears "clue" for "flu" and thinks that the audience believes he has the flu.
  • Despite that, in the episode, Steve was able to "cure" his sniffles with vegetable soup, in the corresponding book "Blue's Sniffly Day", Blue is still fighting off a bad cold and was given soup to help her recover even though we do not necessarily see her fully recover in the end.
  • During the Thinking Time Segment, Steve has just a slight bit of trouble opening the Notebook before reviewing the clues.
  • This episode was later remade in the reboot as Getting Healthy with Blue.


  • When Mailbox moves closer to Steve, he appears to be cut in half and floating in midair.
  • Steve skidooed into the book. But when he skidooed back home, he skidooed out of the picture frame instead of the book.
  • In the U.K. version, before Kevin sneezed and said “Cheer!” in a calm voice, he was on the left side, making it harder to see Blue.
  • It is unknown how Steve got the rain clothes when he Skidooed into the book or where they came from.
  • Blue places a paw print on the third clue before Kevin moves in front of her, but it does not show up until after he moves away.
  • Steve did not have any other symptoms, so it may have been allergies that caused him to sneeze and have a runny nose; he did not have a fever and seemed just as peppy as usual. However, Steve could not be having allergies if eating vegetable soup alleviated his symptoms, so it is much more likely that he was still recovering from a cold the day before. After all, Side Table had it, too, so maybe the house was dusty. "Feel better" is a strange way of putting it, as he did not seem to be sick, sad, worried, tired, or grumpy.

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