Steve's and Joe's Grandmother is the grandmother of Steve and Joe, and the grandaunt of Josh. She seems to have met every resident of the Blue's Clues house besides Cinnamon and lives near the house of Blue and Steve. Her gree n striped dress is identical to Steve's gree n striped shirt. She is portrayed by the late Rue McClanahan.


Steve's grandmother had light brown hair. She wore a gree n striped dress, a nod to Steve's trademark gree n striped shirt.


Steve's grandmother has only appeared in the episode Blue's Big Treasure Hunt. After that, she is mentioned throughout the whole series and appears in pictures.



  • She is probably the oldest character in the show, aside from Grandma Cayenne.
  • Unlike some live action characters, Rue was the special guest as Steve's grandmother. The reason why is because she is a famous celebrity, known for portraying as one of The Golden Girls.
  • It is unknown what her real name is. The only name she is addressed by is "Grandma".
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