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Steve is a main character in Blue's Clues, was the host and main protagonist for the first four seasons along with his friend Blue, and is played by Steve Burns. He is the older brother of Joe and the cousin of Josh. As of Blue's Clues & You!, he is a detective at the Blue Prints Detective Agency.


Steve is Blue's first caregiver. Steve is always ready to play Blue's Clues and always needs the viewer to help to figure out problems and find clues. Steve likes anything that is green-striped, just like his shirt. Steve went to college on a hopscotch scholarship. Steve enjoys finding clues when playing Blue's Clues, drawing clues also while playing Blue's Clues, imagining, helping others and discovering new things. Steve is not very witty and will most likely forget things. Steve often needs assistance finding clues from the viewer and is very compassionate.

Steve is the older brother of Joe, who eventually became the show's host in 2002 when Steve left to attend college.

In Blue's Clues & You!, Steve finally achieves his dream of being a detective as he currently runs the Blue Prints Detective Agency.


Steve has fair skin and brown hair. He wears a green striped shirt with horizontal slats, tan pants with a belt, and black< shoes. In the pilot episode, Steve wore a red collar t-shirt. In some episodes from the third season and the Season 4 episode "Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza, he wears tan-colored shoes.

In Blue's Clues & You!, he wears a pair of sunglasses underneath his regular glasses, and has a darkish tan hat with a green striped tie to resemble his old shirt but still retained it's color of pants at some point.


Steve appeared as the host for 100 out of the series' 143 episodes. He debuted in the unaired pilot Blue Prints and made his first official appearance in "Snack Time", the first episode of season one. He hosted every episode from then until "Steve Goes to College" (the fourth season's 25th episode), in which his role was taken over by Joe. He returned for the special "100th Episode Celebration" and makes a voice-over cameo in "Blue's First Holiday". He made an additional appearance in "Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue"; in which he, for this production was 3D computer animated, with the others being "Blue" and "Magenta" for the 2019 reboot.

For the reboot, he has appeared in Meet Josh!, Blue's Night Before Christmas and Mailtime Mystery


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  • Steve did not appear in all the versions of the show. Various versions of the show around the world had their own hosts, sporting the same iconic green striped shirt. This included:
  • The character Steve is a fictional, exaggerated version of the actor that plays him, Steve Burns.
  • Steve is one of the few characters on the show that appears in live-action.
  • Steve didn't find a clue by himself until the movie "Blue's Big Musical Movie." In every other one of Steve's appearances, he needed You, the viewer, to help him.
  • Steve mentions in the episode "Environments" that he had a pen pal from Peru, who lived by a wide curvy river
  • He got Blue by wishing that he could have the blue puppy (Blue) in one of his storybooks, and when he said that, Blue came skidooing out of the book and into Steve's arms.
  • Steve's family name is never revealed in the show.
  • Steve is the 1st clue in "Magenta Comes Over".
  • He is the right answer to Blue's Clues in Draw Along with Blue but the wrong answer in Blue's Big Musical Movie & Inventions.
  • A cymbal brush sound effect is heard whenever Steve finds a clue. However, there a few moments where a cymbal brush sound effect is heard when Steve sees something that is not a clue.
  • Steve is right-handed in the series, whereas Joe is left-handed.
  • So far, Meet Josh! and Blue's Night Before Christmas are the only episodes of Blue's Clues & You! in which Steve appears in person, though he is mentioned by Mailbox in 123's with Blue, and mentioned in Sleepy Singalong with Blue. It is unknown if he will make more appearances after those two.
  • After his departure from the show, Steve's actor, Steve Burns appeared along with Steven Drozds from The Flaming Lips to perform "I Hog the Ground" in Jack's Big Music Show, another show that aired on Noggin/Nick Jr.
  • A background extra in Disney Pixar's film UP was allegedly designed after Steve. He can be seen watching Carl's House take flight through the city towards the beginning of the film.
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