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"Spooky Costume Party with Blue" is the eighteenth episode of the first season and the twenty-first episode overall in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Blue's Big Costume Party."



  • Question: What could Magenta wear to the costume party?
  • Clues:
    1. Little Prints
    2. Whiskers
    3. A Squeak Sound
  • Incorrect Answer: A Cat Costume that Squeaks
  • Answer: A Mouse Costume
  • Living Room Picture Frame: Haunted House (skidoo location)
  • Email or Letter?: Email


Halloween dawns onto Storybook World again, and everyone is coming over to celebrate in all sorts of neat costumes. Blue is dressed up as a fish, but Magenta can't decide what costume to wear so we play Blue's Clues to figure it out.


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  • This episode is released alongside "Thankful with Blue" on the Nick Jr: Fantastic Fall! DVD before airing on TV. Both of the episodes became the last episodes to be remakes of season 3 episodes.
  • This is the second episode in the reboot in which Mailtime was announced after Blue's Clues is solved. The first was "Getting Glasses With Magenta".
    • This is also the second time Magenta joined the themed song, after that same episode.
  • This is Josh's first time singing Maitime without Blue (singing solo).
  • Josh got an email in this episode, and the 7th overall
  • Although it is a Season 1 episode, it aired on TV after the first three Season 2 episodes.
  • Originally this episode was going to air on TV on October 14, but it didn't release until October 16.
    • This episode is released on TV exactly twenty years after its original counterpart.
  • The theme song is exactly similar to Pajama Party with Blue, but it now has jack-o-lanterns to fill in the Halloween theme.
  • This is the first Halloween themed episode.
  • Afther Josh Sing Mailtime You Might See The Blink once on the Screen said "MEDIA ERROR" its something errors.
  • Michael Smith's name was accidentally listed twice in the "Special Thanks" credit.


  • In the original, Magenta had no glasses since that episode took place before "Magenta Gets Glasses". In the remake, she had glasses since this episode took place after "Getting Glasses With Magenta". This is just like "Story Time with Blue".
  • In the original, Steve's alien costume was green and includes a spaceship around his waist, but in this episode, Josh's alien costume was purple.
    • In original Steve's alilen costume was backward, in Remake Josh's alilen costume was forward to viewer
  • In the original, "Play Blue's Clues" was done partially the way it was in Season 3-5 episodes. In the reboot, it was done partially the way it was in the first 2 seasons of the original series.
    • Also in the original, Steve asks the viewers to help him figure out the answer to Blue's Clues after the song was finished, while in the reboot, Josh asks the viewers to help him figure out the answer to Blue's Clues before the song started.
  • In the original, the monster bean bag that had the 2nd clue, whiskers, was thrown next to Steve after Blue and Magenta leave with both cauldrons. In the reboot, the monster bag was behind Blue and it appears after Blue and Magenta leave.
  • In the original episode, the monster bean bag representing the 2nd clue (whiskers) was yellow with orange pipe cleaner whiskers, black eyes, and fangs in its red dimpled mouth and faced to the right; but in the reboot it was chartreuse with white whiskers, purple eyes, and buckteeth in its pink dimple-less mouth and faced to the left.
  • In the reboot, Mailbox was seen wearing a letter costume even though he didn’t wear anything in the original.
  • No echo was heard every time they said Oogla Boogla's name.
  • Oogla Boogla was a girl in the original but Oogla Boogla is a boy.
  • In the skidoo segment of the original, the staircase with more steps lead to another room in which there are two doors, the one with the less black tiles on the entrance floor leads into Oogla Boogla's room. In the remake, the staircase leads directly into Oogla Boogla's room.
  • In the original, Oogla Boogla was a girl. In the remake she is now a boy.
  • In this episode, Oogla Boogla was not singing and dancing before the characters saw them, they just greet them instead. After giving them the treats for the party, he does not continue singing and dancing, he sings "Oogla Boogla" to the tune of the original series versions of "We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues/We Are Looking For Blue's Clues/We Just Got a Letter/We Just Figured out Blue's Clues", followed by "You're welcome".
  • In the original episode, Boo is laughing after Josh says his name, even though it scares him a little. In the original episode, he was more frightened and the music was also much spookier.
  • In the original episode, there was a rhinoceros during the Thinking Time segment. This is omitted and removed in the remake, and only the cat answer was used.
  • The Costume Limbo song's tune is changed and shortened.
    • The verses for Slippery and Boo going under the stick are not present in this version. Only the one about Blue and Magenta going under the stick is kept.
  • In this episode, Blue and Magenta's costumes are more simple than what they wore in the original. Blue's fish costume has no scales and Magenta's mouse costume no longer covers her body.
  • In the UK version, Kevin teleported to outer space when sang the Farewell song, but in this version, Josh did not.
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