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"Song Time with Blue" is the eighth episode of Season 1 in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Blue's Favorite Song."


It's song time for Blue and Josh, but Josh try to figured it that Blue has a favorite song.


  • Question: What song does Blue want to sing?
  • Clues:
    1. A Duck
    2. A Barn
    3. A Tune (G-G-G-D-E-E-D)
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Wrong answer: Rubber Ducky Had a Barn, E-I-E-I-O
  • Living room picture: A red barn (skidoo location)


It was song time but Josh cannot figure out Blue's favorite song. They play a game of Blue's Clues to find out. Steve steps on the first clue, a duck, and draws it in his notebook. Later on, Josh and Blue try to find the right sounds for each musical instrument. Immediately after that, the phone rings. Josh answers it and it was the felt friends on the phone who had a song of their own. Josh tries it but messes up. He listens again. He gets it right and hangs up the phone. Josh sees the felt friends Fifi and Freddy.

They both sang Boom-ba-cha-cha-la-la boom-boom-bop. Josh sings along with them. Then it was mail time. Josh reads the letter. After that, Blue and Josh skidoo into a picture of a farm. Immediately after that, Josh finds the second clue, a barn and draws it in his notebook. Josh had two clues to what Blue's Favorite Song is which were a duck and a barn. Josh had to find the third clue to he can get more information. Josh and Blue saw some chicks who were putting on a song show. They were going to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." They figure out the right verses and the right key for the song. Soon after, Blue and Josh skidoo back home. Not long after that, Josh hears the piano playing off-screen. Josh sees the third clue on a piano key. Josh touches the piano key that the little paw print was on.

After tapping the key it was on a few times, the paw print moves to different keys and Josh realized he just played a little tune that went "C-C-C, G, A-A, G". He draws the third clue in the notebook. He goes to the thinking chair to put all the clues together. Josh thought it was Rubber Ducky Had a Barn. But the answer was Old MacDonald Had a Farm. After figuring out Blue's Clues everybody (including the musical instruments, the felt friends, and the chicks) got together for song time. Blue was on piano and Josh was on guitar. They play the tune "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". Not long after that, Josh plays "The So Long Song" and the episode ends.



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The full episode is available on the NickJrPlay YouTube channel. Watching the video requires payment or a subscription.


  • Josh sang a variant of "Bingo" with "Blue" replacing "Bingo" instead of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" when asking if that was what Blue wants to sing.
  • In the original, Steve just waved goodbye to the viewer but didn’t say goodbye after singing the So Long Song, but in the remake, after Josh sings the So Long Song, he says “Bye-bye! Come back again soon, okay?" to the viewer.
  • Josh uses his guitar to get rid of the paw print rather than a kazoo.
  • Sidetable Drawer wears star shaped sunglasses.
  • The trumpet and the flute didn't get mixed up in the fall.
  • Mailbox added the verse "Here's your letter with a stamp on top" after singing the same "Boom-ba-cha-cha-la-la boom-boom-bop" first sang by the Felt Friends, but with a tune.
  • In the original, when Steve drew the tune, he made a rectangle. Instead Josh made a trapezoid when he drew the tune.
  • The clue tune that Josh played on the piano was in G Major (i.e. "G-G-G-D-E-E-D") instead of in C Major ("C-C-C-G-A-A-G").
  • In the original, Blue’s piano was out-of-tune, but in the remake, Blue’s piano was completely in tune.
    • After Blue's Clues was figured out, the animated tune clue played the tune in D major ("D-D-D-A-B-B-A").
  • Josh and Blue played their instruments while singing the Mailtime song.
  • In the original, Steve helps the chicks find the right major for the end of "Row, Row, Row your boat", but in the remake, Josh helps the chicks find the right last word to the song.
  • The conga drums, the trumpet, the flute and the chicks do not join Josh, Blue and the Felt Friends in performing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" at the end.
  • Blue does not play the piano during "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" in this episode, she instead holds maracas with her ears.
  • In the original, Steve was saying, "what was that" after skidooed in farm. In remake Josh was saying "a cow yeah" (Cow moaring).
    • However in orginal the cow wasn't seen this series.


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