Skidoo Adventure

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Season 6, Episode 7 (137 overall)
Monday, March 15, 2004
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Wacky Wild World

Skidoo Adventure is the seventh episode of Blue's Clues from the Sixth Season.

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Joe and Blue created Wacky Wild World and skidoo their way in! But when the picture of home (needed to skidoo back home) goes flying off, Joe and Blue go on an adventure to reclaim it. To do this, the magic wand is needed to collect for magic letters "H", "O", "M", and "E" respectively.


When Joe greets the viewers today, he shows them his and Blue's creation-a giant craft project called Wacky Wild World. They skidoo in the project, but the picture of home blows away. Joe and Blue set off to find four magic letters throughout the world to get us home. They figure out what to use to cross a river, help blow on a bubble to get Joe and Blue across a pit, figure out what to use to reach a letter that resides on the moon, and make a magic carpet float by clapping. Once they have found all our letters, they chant the magic word, bringing the picture of home to them and skidooing back home. Then, in Blue's Room, Blue sings an interactive song about home.


  • Key


  • This is the last time in the series Joe wears his green squared shirt.
  • This episode does bring up a hypotheical "What If" situation, concerning how they would be able to get home if the picture to home was somehow lost.
  • Due to the long skidoo segment, there wasn't a playing of Blue's Clues because Blue and Joe have the letter scavenger hunt.
  • Captions misspelled "skidoo" with two "d"s. (Spelled as "Skiddoo").


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Blue's Clues - Blue's Clues - Skidoo Adventure

Blue's Clues - Blue's Clues - Skidoo Adventure

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