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Silly Town is a skidoo location were all the silly things are going on. Billy Chicken is the mayor of Silly Town. Steve, Kevin, Duarte, HyunShup Shin, and Josh went there. These hosts were looking for all the silly things in Silly Town.


Silly Town appeared in What's So Funny? (released on October 9, 2000) and it's remade into "Laugh with Blue" (released on November 20, 2019). It also appears in an episode in Story Time with Josh & Blue.


There are some funny scenes in Silly Town. 3 scenes were made but one wasn't in the remake, making the remake 2 scenes. Here are the following scenes that are silly in Silly Town:

  • A scene in Silly Town, the construction site, is that one of the workers (a weasel) is using a banana instead of a hammer (because she thinks she's "going bananas").
  • Another scene, the center of town, (exclusive to the original Steve, Kevin, Duarte, and HyunShup Shin versions, though elements were integrated with the next scene in the Josh version) was that a truck was using a horse sound instead of a truck sound.
  • a giraffe is going backward on a slide.



  • As seen in "No Sleep in Sillytown", the cows in Silly Town say "Tweet!" instead of "Moo!", while the birds in Silly Town say "Moo!" instead of "Tweet!"