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Sifter is a new friend of Shovel and Pail. He is a dark blue sieve, an object used to separate wanted elements from unwanted material using a woven screen such as a mesh or net. The character is most likely a colander, a typical household sifter with handles on its sides.


Sifter enjoys sifting items, such as sand, and playing basketball with his friends. Sifter has appeared in two episodes. The character apparently has not met Joe, considering the fact that he has only been shown in episodes from seasons three and four, both before Joe came to take Steve's place as host.


Sifter is a dark blue color. He has many holes in his center. His handles are a dark shade of blue. Unlike most characters, he has white eyes with black pupils rather than completely black eyes.


Sifter only appeared in two episodes. His first appearance was in the episode "Shy", in which he was first introduced. and his last appearance was in "What's New, Blue?", in which he was seen playing basketball with Pail.