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Sidetable Drawer the Singer

Sidetable's Song is a song from the Blue's Clues episode the "100th Episode Celebration"

Character Singing[]

Song Lyrics[]

(Spoken intro)
Mr. Salt: And now, we have a special musical guest. She holds a very special place in our hearts, she also holds the notebook, put your hands together for...Sidetable Drawer!

(And now, the song!)
Sidetable Drawer: I love to sing a song for you,
About my favorite thing to do.
Can you guess what it might be.
Here's a little hint, do-re-mi!

(switches to rap)

Singing is my thing, I sing slow, I sing fast!
Samba and mambo, hip-hop and jazz.
Songs make me shimmy and shake on the dance floor
They make me move my feet and open my drawer.

Open and close, open and close.
When a bee stops, nobody knows.
We've been singing songs for 100 super shows!

(Spoken outro)
Mr. Salt: Ah, the Songs We've Sung!