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  • Sidetable's face appears before Blue left her paw print on the screen.
  • Steve tells Mailbox that Blue used to be shy with him the first time Mailbox meet Blue.
  • This is one of a handful of episodes where a live-action character that is not Steve or Joe appears, not counting the kids in the letters.
  • In the videotape shown near the end, the tape referenced Blue's Birthday, Blue's Big Costume Party, and Pool Party.
  • This is the only episode where Steve's hair changes between his hair from Hide and Seek and the one from Blue's Big Pajama Party.
  • At the beginning of/during the skidoo segment and when Duck is seen at the end, the Thinking Time segment music from Blue Wants to Play a Game is heard. The same situation happens at the beginning and after Duck is seen but this time the playdate music from Magenta Comes Over is heard twice when Miranda enters Steve and Blue's house.
  • This was filmed in 1999, but part of Steve's hair from What Does Blue Want to Make is missing.
  • This is the second time they see Green Kitten.
  • This is the first appearance of Magenta's owner, Miranda.
  • There is no Kevin or Duarte version because the producers cannot find a replacement for Miranda.
  • Shannon Walker Williams portrayed the role of Miranda on this episode.
  • This episode holds the record for the shortest episode title in the series.


  • When Steve asks "Where did Turquoise go?", he looks angry.