Blue's Clues Wiki
  • This episode can be seen on the Shapes and Colors! VHS and DVD with 2 bonus episodes from Arts and Crafts.
    • This episode also appeared on the compilation DVD titled Nickelodeon Let's Learn Shapes.
  • This is the first time in the series Joe wears his red squared shirt.
  • The mystery cues from What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture? & from Blue's Big Mystery were used.
  • This is another time Blue's barking to the Mailtime song was muted. The last three are Weight and Balance, Occupations and Blue's Play.
  • New York City is seen during the video letter. 
  • Joe and Blue walk to the store, but in Café Blue, Steve and Mr. Salt were able to skidoo there.
  • The musical instruments for the clues have a slightly similar tune to Healthy Snacks.
  • In the UK version, Kevin wears the green squared shirt for the first time as a new shirt, with squares being his new favorite shape.
  • The answer in the US is The Grocery Store. But in the UK, it is The Supermarket.
  • Joe wears a red squared shirt in this episode.
  • Close captioning during the opening sequence credits Mailbox as saying "I can play," when the correct line is actually "Right this way." This mistake is only found on the DVD version of this episode.
  • The copyright year reads "2003" instead of 2002.
  • In the UK version, after Kevin draws the third clue, the clue is still seen on the food.