Shape Searchers


Season 5, Episode 12
106 (Aired)
108 (In Production Order)
September 23, 2002 (US)
August 12, 2003 (UK)
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Shape Searchers is the twelfth episode of Blue's Clues from season 5.

Characters Present


We search for shapes in all sorts of places, pointing them out as we see them. We also have a Skidoo segment filled with shapes. We meet some shapes and show them how they can combine with other shapes to make various things.


  • Question: Where should Joe and Blue go to search for shapes?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Cash Register
    • 2. A Cart
    • 3. Food
  • Answer: A grocery store (US)/A supermarket (UK)
  • Skidoo location: Felt Board
  • Living room picture: An oval and a circle, then a rectangle and a square, then a square and a triangle



  • Close captioning during the opening sequence credits Mailbox as saying "I can play," when the correct line is actually "Right this way." This mistake is only found on the DVD version of this episode.
  • The copyright year reads "2003" instead of 2002.
  • In the UK version, after Kevin draws the third clue, the clue is still seen on the food.


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Shape Searchers

Shape Searchers

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