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|Box title = Shape Detectives
|Image file = Detectives.jpg
|Image size = 300
|Row 1 title = Episode
|Row 1 info = Season 2, Episode 3 (Blue's Room)
|Row 2 title = Airdate
|Row 2 info = Friday, February 2, 2007
|Row 3 title = Previous Episode
|Row 3 info = [[Blue's Farm Playdate]]
|Row 4 title = Next Episode
|Row 4 info = [[Masterpiece Museum]]}}
'''Shape Detectives''' is the 3rd episode of ''Blue's Room'' from season 2.
==Characters Present==
*[[Polka Dots]]
*[[Roar E. Saurus]]
*[[Boogie Woogie]]
*[[Handy Dandy Journal]]
*[[Dress Up Chest]]
Blue, Sprinkles & Joe are called into action when the shapes in Roary's painting scatter around the playroom.
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