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Sam, played by (Lisa Datz), is Orange Kitten's caring owner shown wearing an orange shirt to match the color of her pet's fur. She celebrates the holiday Hanukkah with Orange. Sam is one of the few live action characters to be seen in the Blue's Clues television series. She is a minor character in the show and has only appeared in one episode.


Sam is the friendly and kind owner of Orange Kitten, one of Blue's friends currently attending preschool in Miss Marigold's class. She has only appeared in one episode of the long-running Blue's Clues television series, causing her to be a minor character rather than a major or main character, though was mentioned in two other episodes by Orange. The character celebrates Hanukkah with Orange, meaning her family is Jewish.


Sam's skin is mostly a lighter tan color. She wears a red coat, an orange scarf, dark brown pants and brown shoes. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Sam is bare-handed and is of Jewish heritage.


Sam has appeared in one episode which is Blue's Big Holiday.


  • She is the only person that Steve visits in Blue's Big Holiday that does not use her real name.